How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend: 50 Ways to Get There

Want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend?

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Don’t try to control him, just love him and let him be the way he is.

We all want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend every man wants, don’t we?

We try our best to be casual, fun, spontaneous, and not show negative emotions… but for most women, that’s not easy at all.

Women are planners.

You need to know which way you are going to know where you are.

This makes you ask a plethora of questions, both for yourself and for the guys you date.

Men hate certain questions.

If there’s one thing that makes men angry, it’s your interrogation about his life, his friendships, where he was, and what he was doing.

One of the most annoying things guys wishes you wouldn’t do as a perfect girlfriend is not to let him be who he is.

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend: 50 Things That Can Make A Difference.

Don’t worry, you can be the perfect girlfriend.

You just need to follow these 50 suggestions.

1. Silence.

Try not to talk so much.

Having an empty space in the conversation is not a bad thing.

In fact, it gives him a certain level of comfort.

While he’s watching the game or trying to relax, try being quiet for a bit.

Let him relax.

2. No More Romantic Comedy Movies.

Save those romance, drama, or romantic comedy movies for a night out with the girls.

He can go along, but you know he doesn’t like it.

Spend time with him doing things you both like and want, and that doesn’t include a cheesy movie anymore.

3. Don’t treat him like one of your friends.

He doesn’t care that Bruna is worthless, or what she told you.

Save girl talk for your girlfriends.

Try to find something more important to talk to him about or something he’s very interested in.

4. Don’t Be His Mother.

He knows when some behavior or other is inappropriate.

You don’t have to be his mother and point out the obvious, he already has a mother.

Of course, he loves her, but he certainly doesn’t want to live with her anymore.

5. Don’t Show The Obvious.

When he messes up, don’t be there to throw it in his face.

If something is too obvious, let the situation take care of itself.

Even if you feel the need to be right, be silent.

It’s unnecessary to prove you right just to make him uncomfortable.

6. Stop Criticizing Him So Much.

You may feel like you’re providing constructive criticism to help, but he sees your criticism as being very annoying.

Stop analyzing him and what he does.

Just let him be who he is, without trying to change him all the time.

7. Give Him More Space.

If he’s had a bad day, don’t show up asking all kinds of questions just because you’re insecure.

Let him sit and reflect.

He’ll show up for you when he’s ready.

8. Let Him Make His Own Decisions.

If he makes a decision, support him.

Unless you have something to lose in this decision, you should support his decision, especially if that decision has already been made.

9. Trust Him.

Show him that you think he is a special person to you.

You can do this by trusting him.

Don’t make accusations or always think the worst.

Recognize that what he does, he does out of love because you know he’s a good person.

10. Send Beautiful Messages to Him.

A quick text telling him how awesome he is and how much you love him might be all he needs to have a better day.

Don’t forget to be brief and cute.

11. Encourage Him.

Try to be the voice that motivates him, not the one that criticizes him.

If he has a dream, encourage him to follow that dream.

Let him know he won’t make it if he never tries, and even if it doesn’t work, you won’t think he’s incapable.

12. Don’t Talk About Him To Other People.

Women have a problem criticizing their boyfriends to other people.

Be the woman that everyone admires.

The way to do this is to be positive and kind, both in front of him and behind his back.

13. Don’t Offer Advice Except When Asked.

If he wants your opinion, he’s sure to ask.

14. Make Him Feel Good.

Tell him the things you like about him, and keep the things you don’t like a secret whenever possible.

15. Listen When He Needs You.

Don’t assume you know what he wants.

Listen to what he’s trying to say to you and then try to fill his need.

16. Don’t Show How Far He Can Go.

Don’t show the limits.

If you have a tendency to constantly doubt him, start being his #1 fan.

He already has a lot of people in his life telling him what he can’t do.

Don’t be one of those people.

17. Don’t Make Fun Of His Insecurities.

Men aren’t very good at laughing at their flaws.

As they are very sensitive about the way people view them, try not to make fun of any flaws or insecure behavior they have.

18. Tell Him You Love Him.

If you want to be the best girlfriend, tell him you love him without expecting to hear the same from him.

Tell him it’s just so he knows.

19. Tell Him The Things You Love About Him.

Point out all the things you love about this man in your life.

When he feels good, he’s good with you too.

20. Go Out With Your Friends.

Sometimes he just wants to be alone at home without feeling guilty about not being with you.

21. Let Him Be Who He Is.

Don’t try to manipulate his life.

Just leave him the way he is.

22. Don’t Get Involved With His Family Drama.

Let him speak ill of his family, support his anger, but don’t show your opinion.

You can badmouth your own family, but when someone badmouths you, you don’t like it.

23. Don’t Be His Mom’s Best Friend.

It’s nice to be nice and friendly to his mother.

However, avoid forming a very close relationship with her or becoming her best friend.

No man likes that.

24. Do nice things for him just because you like him.

Do the things he likes best every week just to show that you care about him.

25. Don’t Give Him A To-Do List.

You can share tasks, but don’t be his manager in everything he does.

He already has a boss, you don’t have to be one anymore.

26. Don’t Make Assumptions.

Instead of accusing him of something, always give him the benefit of the doubt.

Check it out very well before assuming anything.

27. Don’t Make Him Friends.

He is already quite grown up.

You don’t have to make him friends with your friend’s boyfriend.

If he wants to go along, great, but don’t give him the impression that you’re making friends.

28. Clean up the mess every now and then.

Of course, he’s a bit of a pig, but that’s not going to change.

Instead of yelling that he left a mess, clean up without saying anything.

It’ll only take 5 minutes, you’ll avoid a fight and sometimes that can even do you good.

29. Love Him, Not Despite His Flaws, But Because of Them.

Don’t think you’re superior and neglect his flaws, love him for the complete package he is.

30. Never Say Things You’ll Regret Later.

When you say something, you can’t take it back.

Being the perfect girlfriend means never saying things that will stick in his mind that will only cause resentment.

31. Fair Fight.

Don’t play games.

If you are in an argument with him, make your point without bringing other people into the fray or past events.

32. Know His Favorite Things.

Pay attention to what makes him happy instead of just thinking you know it all.

You’ll be surprised to find that what you thought turned him on actually doesn’t.

  1. Hear what he is trying to say to you through his actions, not through his words.

Men are not verbal creatures.

Pay attention to his behavior and listen to what that behavior wants to say instead of trying to connect with just what he says.

33. Try To Be Optimistic.

Try to see the relationship from a positive perspective rather than always pointing out the negative.

34. Let Him Hang Out With His Friends Without Repressing Him.

If you say “go” when he talks about a trip or a night out with his friends, don’t make him pay by acting passive-aggressively, as if his going out with his friends is unacceptable behavior.

35. Let Him Have His Own Space.

The man has a tendency to lose his autonomy after the woman enters his world.

Let him have his own space, and don’t touch that space.

This space is very masculine, it’s just his and he doesn’t want any touch from female hands.

36. Maintenance Is Extremely Important.

If your body was a certain weight when you first met him, stay at that weight.

The same goes for clothes, makeup, and behavior.

Don’t relax into appearance just because you’re comfortable with it.

One of the motives of the relationship with a man is constant progress, not regression.

37. Be Independent.

Don’t count on him for the most irrelevant things.

Yes, he wants you to have a little dependency, but if you suddenly can’t tie your shoelace without him, he’s not going to like it.

38. Try Not to Say “It’s Nothing” When He Asks Why You Are Like This.

Don’t be passive-aggressive.

39. Be an Empathetic Woman.

Try to put yourself in his place.

It’s not easy being a man.

Sometimes they don’t even know what they’re feeling themselves, but if you constantly try to show him your side instead of trying to listen to him, you’re not going to get anywhere.

40. Admire Him.

Take a look around you and see all the things he has done for you and acknowledge telling him everything.

Don’t expect him to do things for you, tell him how lucky you are to have him as a boyfriend.

41. Let Him Win From Time to Time.

Let him win the battle occasionally.

Sometimes it’s more important to have love than to be right.

42. Don’t Overspend.

If you share finances, don’t spend too much.

A good girlfriend doesn’t put unnecessary financial stress on owning things she thinks she needs to have.

43. ​​Smile.

A man feels good when he can make his woman feel good.

Happy woman, happy life.

44. Tell Him You’re Happy.

Most men judge themselves by how they manage to make a woman feel.

Tell him how happy he makes you.

45. You Don’t Have To Style Him.

You just have to like his style and not try to change it.

It was with the style he currently has that you fell in love with him.

46. Accept Him.

Stop trying to change it.

Let him be him.

And be yourself too.

Understanding how to be the perfect girlfriend is a matter of accepting your man for who he is and loving him unconditionally.

Stop trying to plan and control.

Try to live in the happiest and most carefree way with him.