Does he like you? 14 Signs To Tell If A Shy Guy Is In Love

Sometimes it’s hard to interpret the signals men to give to know if that guy likes you or not, especially with a shy guy.

These 14 proven ways can help you find out if a shy guy likes you.

Some men are difficult to decipher.

This is especially true if they don’t talk to you and only exchange glances when you’re around.

While it might seem pretty hard to figure out, consider this: he’s just shy.

So read these signs to tell exactly if a shy guy likes you but can’t get the message across.

It’s true that women are a puzzle for men, but it’s also difficult for women to understand guys, especially the shy ones.

A shy man acts differently from typical men you know very well.

He can even be so weird that you have no idea if he likes you or if he hates you.

As long as you don’t decode the signals that the shy guy sends you, you will remain restless, trying to get his attention.

However, if you like him too, a good approach is to simply ask him if he likes you.

In fact, this might be exactly what he needed.

Just don’t forget that it’s not you who should always take the initiative.

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You.

If the shy guy likes you, you would probably be the last person he could tell about this crush.

He will try to hide his feelings for you while being super obvious to other people.

1. He Looks When You’re Not Looking.

He’s too shy to let you know how he feels, so he’ll be happy to admire you from afar, at least until he gets up enough courage to finally tell you what he’s feeling.

However, considering the fact that he is too shy, it is possible that this will never happen.

So he’s going to stare at you while you’re talking to your friends, but you won’t know because when you look at him, he’ll either break eye contact and pretend he’s busy talking to his friends, or he’ll look at you. wall.

2. He Avoids Eye Contact.

When you’ve finally managed to talk to him, for example, at a work collaboration or at a friend’s party, he will avoid eye contact.

Maybe he’s afraid he’s going to be forced to finally admit his feelings for you.

Chances are he’s just afraid you’ll see the truth in his eyes.

The truth is, he’s madly in love with you.

3. He Gets Nervous And Tense On Your Side.

While all the other normal guys talk to you without any problems, the shy guy gets nervous.

He’s going to get very self-conscious and weird, which only creates more nervousness.

It’s like he’s scared of you, and he’s trying so hard to talk to you, but his shyness won’t let you.

So he just sits there, like a sack of potatoes in front of you.

4. He Gets Clumsy.

This goes hand in hand with nervousness.

If it’s just the two of you left in the same room, he might spill coffee on his shirt or spill a cup.

Since he’s so self-conscious and aware of your presence, he’s going to get all weird.

5. He Gets Introverted When You’re Around.

Have you ever seen him chatting excitedly with his friends, and as soon as he sees you coming, he shuts down?

It doesn’t happen because he coincidentally ended the conversation.

It’s because he just lost his train of thought seeing you and just doesn’t want to continue with what he thinks is a lame story so you don’t hear and think he’s lame either.

In other words, he thinks so much when you’re around that he forgets what he was talking about.

6. He Stutters Or Jokes.

If he continues to talk around you, he stutters or tries not to talk too much.

Always because of the fact that he was very nervous and anxious around you.

If you ask him anything, he may respond with short jokes that you would think you would find arrogant on his part, but he’s not rude, he’s just shivering at your presence.

7. He got your number from a friend.

Despite wanting to talk to you (but you won’t notice it because he doesn’t have the courage to go talk to you), he thinks he’ll only be able to talk to you over the phone, through text messages, or on social media.

Turns out, he didn’t have the courage to ask for her number either, the most he could do was muster up the courage to ask a friend of his for her number or request friendship on Facebook.

8. He’s Only Good At Texting.

Now that he has your number, he will be able to chat and ask how you are.

When you’re texting, he’s fun, witty, and open, but when you finally meet in person, he’s back to being quiet and shy.

You ask, “where’s that smart, charming guy I was talking to on my cell phone”?

9. He Stays On The Edge.

It seems like he is everywhere.

That means he’s always on the other side of the bar you hang out at on the weekend, at the coffee shop you stop by to get your cappuccino, at the copy shop, on the street near your house, even when he lives on the other side of town…

The thing is, he just wants to be around you so he can finally have a chance for you to notice him.

He’s also so into you that the scent of your hair is enough to brighten his day.

10. He’s Asking About You Out There.

He might be talking to all of his friends except you, but don’t you know he might be asking everyone about you?

What you like, your favorite food, if you’re single, your favorite country band or duo, and much more.

He wants to know every little detail about you until he finally has the courage to ask you out or give you a date you’ll love.

11. He feels provoked when you are there.

So you’re in the same room together and your coworkers are staring at him, which leaves him shaking and sweating.

He may be with friends who will try to hook up with you and your friends to help him win you over.

Even dropping hints to make him finally ask you out.

12. He Likes The Things You Like.

And makes an effort for you to know that.

Normally, a guy doesn’t step out of his comfort zone for anything.

However, when it comes to the girl of his dreams, he will always be willing to do new things, especially if it has to do with what you like.

There is always hope to get more involved with you and make you like him too.

13. He Talks To Other Women Except You.

He has no problem talking to other women, but when he gets to you, he freezes.

He locks his tongue and starts to mime when you talk to him.

See? You have an impact on him that no other woman has!

There’s no more obvious sign that he’s totally in love with you than this.

14. He Hasn’t Asked You Out Yet.

So in case you’re still curious, even with all the signs indicating he’s totally into you, he still hasn’t asked you out.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Any other guy would have already booked a table at that new restaurant to take you out on a Saturday night.

However, the king of shyness is different.

First of all, he doesn’t really know how to ask you out.

He gets very anxious just thinking about it.

Second, if you actually manage to date, he’ll still be nervous and worried, wanting to make a good impression.

All this makes him even more nervous.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do shy men act?

  1. They avoid eye contact;
  2. If you’re passing by, they act like they haven’t noticed you;
  3. Offer help with anything you’re struggling with;
  4. Most of the conversation is done over text messages because, for shy men, making a call is like Rocky Balboa’s preparation for a fight;
  5. They agree with everything you say.

How do you know if it’s shyness or lack of interest?

He’s shy:

  1. Looks at you when you’re not looking;
  2. It turns red when you catch him looking at you;
  3. Waves or says “hi” but is very quiet;
  4. Mood changes when you arrive;
  5. Tries to talk to you, even if it’s just a sentence;
  6. Body language delivers.

He is not interested:

  1. He says hi confidently, but doesn’t talk to you even if you’ve talked to others nearby;
  2. You never catch him looking at you;
  3. He makes no effort at all to be close to you;
  4. When you actually talk, he shortens the conversation as much as he can;
  5. His mood and behavior don’t change around you;
  6. When you arrive, he leaves;
  7. You are always the first to text or call.


There you have it, a guide to tell if a shy guy likes you or if a guy likes you but is too shy to tell you.

Once you see these signs, don’t worry, the problem is not with you.

Your neighbor or that handsome guy at the office is too shy to confess that he likes you very much.