The Alpha Woman: 14 Alpha Qualities You Must Master!

An alpha female is the epitome of class.

Knowing who she is and what she wants… we all have that alpha side inside.

We just need to wake up that side.

It would be hard for you to find an adult who doesn’t know what an alpha male is, but not everyone knows that an alpha female also exists.

Since no one expects women to be assertive or to command things and people around them, this might seem a little scary, but being an alpha female is a good thing.

When you’re the alpha female, people look up to you.

Better yet, they want to be you or be with you.

What is it about an alpha female that makes her so desired, standing out in the crowd?

Alpha females possess the best qualities of their kind.

Since she can turn on her wily charm whenever she wants, she usually has people falling for her at all times just to get her attention, be her friend, or date her.

It seems like something you’re born with, but any woman who has a real desire to become an alpha female can do it.

It’s all about how you feel about yourself and the person you choose to be to other people.

14 Characteristics of the Alpha Woman

If you’re looking to unleash your alpha side, here are the 14 traits an alpha woman possesses.

1. They Are Confident In Themselves

An alpha female is someone who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Most of us have two faces, one that we show the world, and one that we keep hidden.

The secret to being an alpha female is to fuse these two faces and make them one.

As difficult as it sounds, it’s actually a matter of seeing those things that you might consider weaknesses in yourself and starting to consider those facts a positive thing.

For example, you may be a highly sensitive girl and try to hide your feelings.

Instead of hiding them, use these sensitive qualities to be an empathetic woman and treat people with respect.

2. They Accept Who They Are

Along the same lines, don’t make excuses about who you are, be proud of your personality and the things you offer people.

If you’re constantly thinking that you’re not good enough, that’s what the people around you will see.

It’s hard to convince people to like you when you don’t like yourself.

Similar to the salesperson who doesn’t believe in the product he sells, success is going to be difficult.

3. The Alpha Woman Knows What She Wants

The secret to being an alpha female is not having soft words.

She says what she wants, and she wants what she says.

Very few people in the world know what they want and the path they need to take to get there.

As a well-centered person, the alpha female has a plan, is ready to execute it, and continues to grow day by day.

4. The Alpha Woman Doesn’t Care About Little Things

Women are creatures of habit.

We spend a great deal of time worrying about one thing or another.

An alpha female prioritizes what’s important in life and spends little time on what’s not.

Unlike most women, she doesn’t waste time worrying about things that may or may not happen.

Instead, she focuses on the things that are within her control.

We all know that worry is a huge waste of our mental power, and having control over it is something that not everyone can have.

5. The Alpha Woman Is Extremely Attractive

An alpha woman doesn’t have to be a top model.

Although it’s probably not the ugliest in the world, it’s not a matter of looks, it’s more about the way she carries herself and presents herself to the world.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who exudes self-confidence and strength. She’s the woman who won’t let anyone tell her what to do, who she is, or make her feel inferior.

6. The Alpha Woman Doesn’t Believe in Limits

The biggest problem for most women is the beliefs and limits we set on ourselves.

A limiting belief is something we manufacture in our minds that rarely has any foundation.

If you believe that you are bad at math, then you will never try to be good at math, nor have the self-confidence to put your mind and effort into being great at it.

Limiting beliefs keep you from achieving your dreams, keep you from trying to experience the things you want, and keeps you from believing that you are capable.

The alpha female doesn’t know what limitations are when it comes to believing in herself.

7. The Alpha Woman Knows How to Charm People

We all know that girl who arrives at the place and all the men crane their necks.

Not always the most beautiful woman in the place. She is the woman who knows how to be present.

The alpha female uses her charm to make people pay attention.

Happy with herself, she is fun and pleasant to be around.

She makes the other person she’s talking to feel great.

Since she knows how to read people, an alpha female knows exactly the right things to say to get the most out of everyone and make everyone believe in the possibility of anything.

8. The Alpha Woman Has Great Posture

Yes, this may seem like a simple trait, but few women have it.

Your posture is a huge indicator of who you are.

If you’re slumped forward, shoulders hunched, and head down, what you project to the world is that you’re not approachable, maybe insecure, and definitely not outgoing.

The alpha female has perfect posture.

Straight and firm posture with shoulders back, knows how to carry herself to tell whoever is looking that she is there, is approachable, and interacts with strangers and mutual friends.

9. The Alpha Woman Tells Things Exactly What They’re Like

An alpha female isn’t going to say one thing and then say she meant another.

She doesn’t monitor what she says, she tells you what she thinks, whether you want to hear it or not.

However, she takes into account that she can hurt your feelings and has a way of saying things that don’t come across as being critical.

Because she can read people, she knows how to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear, which makes her a valued friend and confidant.

10. She Has A Heightened Sense Of Empathy

An alpha female does not consider herself better than anyone else and has a heightened sense of empathy.

As she is able to understand what a person is going through and what they need, the alpha female makes excellent friends and is kind to everyone.

Even if you want to hate someone as amazing as the alpha female out of sheer envy, you can’t.

11. The Alpha Woman Is Loyal

If you say something to the alpha female, she keeps it for her. She’s not into gossip or badmouthing people.

The reason most people talk behind their backs is that they want to ignore their own problems or feel better about putting someone down.

The alpha female is happy with her own life and who she is.

So she doesn’t compromise her friendship by being disloyal.

12. The Alpha Woman Is Persistent

When someone says “no” to you, you have two choices: continue the challenge until you hear a yes or give up.

The alpha female doesn’t give up.

That doesn’t mean she keeps pissing anyone off.

That means if she hears no, she finds a way to find out what she needs to do to get a yes.

She is not a quitter.

Achieving her goals is her main focus but in an honest and positive way.

13. The Alpha Woman Is Honest

Women tend to get involved in the most varied types of games in romantic relationships, relationships with friends, family, and career.

Women can be downright manipulative and aren’t always honest.

An alpha female doesn’t feel the need to use dishonest tactics.

Instead, she always plays with integrity and self-respect.

You don’t have to question what she said because she proves she can be trusted and doesn’t use deception to get where she wants to go.

14. Everybody Wants To Be Friend Of The Alpha Woman

All of the qualities listed above make the alpha female a person everyone wants to meet and be around.

These are the women you feel lucky to be friends with.

Always there to support you, hold your hand, be honest and get you out of your rut.

With a malleable style, the alpha female is a person you appreciate, want to repay her kindness, and a person you want to be around as much as possible.


You can be an alpha female if you choose to be self-confident, stop worrying about what other people say about you, like yourself, be true to others, especially yourself, and lead your life with integrity, empathy, and kindness.