How to Make Him Call You More and Miss You

Ever wondered how to make him miss you more or make him call you more?

Here are all the tips and tricks you need to make your man miss you more and want you all the time.

Wanting him to miss you so he can give you more attention is a complicated goal.

You can’t directly complain and tell him you miss him in hopes that he’ll say the same and show it by calling more and texting more.

But is there a way to make him miss you more, simple as that?

How to Make Him Miss You.

How many times have women gone to bed with their cell phone in hand wondering what he is doing and when is he going to call again!

Now, that’s not to say that men don’t think about their girlfriends, but it is a fact that the novelty and passion of a new relationship dissolves more quickly for men than it does for women.

Why does it happen? Well, it’s simple: because women give in too easily and reveal everything even more easily.

Learn how to make him call you more and miss you more by applying these simple tips.

Super Effective Tips To Make Him Miss You :

  1. Surprise him.

There is no reason to be an open book at the beginning of the relationship.

Keep him interested by talking more and more about the summer you spent backpacking in Europe or your guitar skills.

Go out with him to a karaoke bar and surprise him with your vocal talent.

Never let him know who you really are, let him experience it by being with you in person.

Another way to surprise him is with phrases that make a man’s head go crazy, such as:

  1. Be honest.

Make him feel like he’s found his soulmate in you.

The idea is to be honest.

Listen carefully to what he means.

Ask questions, and focus on what and who he’s talking about, so the next time he brings up the subject of the story or person, you can show him that you really listened.

  1. Do not create expectations.

A common mistake that every woman makes is thinking that the man is just as addicted to you as you are to him, and that he is going to have exactly the same qualities as your ex-boyfriend.

If he doesn’t arrive at your door with a dozen red roses every day, that doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you.

How To Make Him Miss You… The Tricks That Work!

Read on to learn effective tips that make him miss you more and make him chase you more.

  1. Finish the conversation before he does.

This goes for voice chats or text messages.

If you finish the conversation before he does, you’ll make him want more.

Admit it, it happens to you all the time.

Well, maybe in some cases, playing the difficult woman really works.

  1. Do not accept any last minute meetings.

This is a variant of the previous tip to make him miss you.

Never, ever make it look like you’re sitting around waiting for him to make time for you.

Not only will this make you look like a failure, it will also make him think he takes you for granted.

Never accept the option of being plan B.

  1. Quality perfume.

Buy the perfect perfume, and remember that the secret here is subtlety.

You’ll know it worked when he wants to hug you more or doesn’t let go of your neck.

However, remember to take it easy and don’t take a bath with perfume.

You’ll also want to leave a trace of you on him, meaning your scent lingers on his clothes, so he’ll remember you when he gets home.

Make Him Call More: Will It Work?

So what do you do if all your hard work hasn’t worked and he still doesn’t call you or miss you so much? First, don’t jump to conclusions.

A lot can happen. Perhaps he is an emotionally unavailable man.

You can call once or send a message, but don’t overdo it by clogging up his WhatsApp with “Where are you?” or “Why didn’t you call?”.

Second, don’t obsess over him, dive into the interesting hobbies you’ve talked about so much about him.

Finally, if he calls you a month later with no excuse asking you out, don’t take it.

That’s an insult to a woman.

You have to accept rejection as part of life and it happens to everyone all the time.

If things didn’t work out as you planned, move on.

After all, you know the best tips on how to make him miss you and call you more.

If that’s not working, maybe he’s just not into you.