5 Smart Habits That Attract The Best Men

Do you know any beautiful, intelligent, good-hearted women who just can’t find a good guy ? Or better yet, an excellent man who has all the qualities she is looking for?

You may be thinking, “Yes, me”.

Amazing, smart women like you should have men on their knees at their doorsteps begging to go out with you.

And as you’ve already seen, that’s not always the case.

So how to start meeting the best men, and even start a relationship when your love life has a history full of crooks, misogynists, dumb, lazy and insecure?

The secret to finding the right guy is learning how to attract him.

This strategy might sound romantic, but these five smart habits are much more reliable than just relying on luck.

By changing some habits, you will be able to win men much more interesting than before.

1. Listen to Your Intuition

When it comes to flirting and romance, do you have a “What if” approach?

This is when you say to yourself, “What if I’m wrong about the choices I make and the men I choose?”

You often find yourself giving a guy a chance based on the “What if” principle, thinking something like this: “What if he is the man of my dreams?”

You don’t have to rely on luck when choosing who to date: instead, rely on your intuition.

If you have the feeling that this guy isn’t the one for you, then listen to your intuition and don’t date him. In fact, it is even better to put an end to the romance.

Don’t waste time with those you have just a little feeling.

If you’re not madly in love with the guy, then dump him permanently.

Women have great intuition and they know, deep down in their hearts, when a man will not be a good partner.

Instead of trying to rationalize, instead of trying to figure out why giving everyone a chance is a good idea, keep listening to your intuition.

Agree with her and wait for the time to pass to see the size of the cold you got rid of.

2. Ask Hard Questions

Every time you meet a potential boyfriend, ask tough questions, which can end the romance right then and there. Questions like “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Qualifying your suitors means setting a standard for what you’re looking for.

Instead of waiting for the guy to provide you with important information, start asking.

You don’t have to interrogate your crush like a police chief, but you do have to be brave enough to ask questions that are important to you, like

  • “What are you looking for?”
  • “Do you just want us to sleep together?”
  • “Why did you and your ex break up?”

Being direct can help raise the bar of men you date.

You will find it easier to single out the best men and discard worthless cretins once you start qualifying men before they agree to date you.

By asking direct questions, you’ll spend less time with men you don’t really want to date and make more space for men who are truly important to you.

3. Avoid Time Wasters

There are two types of men who will waste your time.

The first is the man who gives you hope.

He pays a lot of attention to you, so you believe he’s into you.

He holds you an emotional hostage, doing the bare minimum to keep you interested.

The second type of man is the man who has qualities that you admire, but has more qualities that you would like to change in him.

  • Would you marry him?
  • Would you let him meet your parents?
  • Would you like to have children with him?
  • If you’ve lost your job, had a flat tire, or are going through some difficult circumstance, could you count on him to help you?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then these are the types of men you need to avoid.

They are the classic time-wasters.

One more day with this kind of man means one less day to give the man of your dreams a chance.

This key habit to attracting a great man will clear his path to you.

Once you start qualifying your suitors, you’ll need to discard every man who doesn’t “pass the test”, no matter how much you may like him.

A time waster is a man who will leave you forever in flirting purgatory.

This “better than nothing” relationship can fill some void, but it will also make it harder (and much harder) for you to find a great guy.

4. Have an Optimistic Attitude

Your attitude plays a key role in creating your personal energy.

An optimistic personal energy is what attracts positive people.

Some people call it charisma, but great energy is that intangible factor that makes you that much more attractive.

A positive attitude creates the energy you need to attract the best men. Develop the habit of cultivating optimism in your life.

A great place to start is with your language. You’ll be surprised at the impact the words that come out of your mouth have on your mood.

After that, it’s a great idea to stop negative behaviors like complaining and gossiping.

These things suck a lot of energy.

Also, your attitude is a reflection of your quality of life.

The good guy wants to side with a woman who loves the life she has.

If you think you hate your life, you better change that mindset.

Every day is an opportunity to attract a great guy into your life, but you have to keep a great attitude at all times.

Be aware of how you feel and choose a better mindset whenever possible.

Feeling good or bad is your choice, but you’re likely to attract men who are feeling the same way.

5. Say Yes

Another habit you can cultivate to meet the best men is to say yes more often.

It may sound simple, but consider how many invitations you turn down or opportunities you miss because you say “no” to everything.

A coworker invites you to lunch but you decline, or maybe a friend invites you to a last-minute party but you say no.

Maybe one of these places was the exact place for you to cross paths with the father of your children.

Don’t rush to say “no” just out of habit. If there is a possibility of meeting an amazing guy, then say yes.

The universe invites you to moments where opportunity meets preparation and all you have to do is say, “Yes, I would love to!”

Creating good habits starts with replacing bad habits with new ones.

Meeting the right man won’t happen overnight, but with these simple steps you will significantly increase your chances of success in your romantic relationship.