The 5-Step Guide to Making a Boy Fall for You

Figuring out how to get a boyfriend is a complex, frustrating and often counterintuitive process.

Today you will learn techniques, methods and tactics to make any man like you and want you.

Because, after shopping for shoes, there is no better feeling for a woman than having a list of interesting suitors.

1. Understand that men like to chase after women.

Is very.

You need to understand that men are like cats.

Does it look weird? Keep reading.

Have you ever seen a cat running after a toy that is stopped? Certainly not.

However, when the toy is dangling in front of him and is slightly out of his reach, the cat is eager to get that toy.

He jumps, runs after and does just about anything he needs to do to get the “out of reach” toy.

Incredibly, men are just like that.

If you’re fun, Attractive, playful, smart, and out of reach for him, chances are he’ll want to run after you.

2. Keep Fit And Healthy.

Going to the gym itself will not make you healthy.

Having a healthy diet is not the only important factor for health.

Losing weight and getting thin is the goal of many women, but it doesn’t necessarily make you healthier.

However, combining these three things… working out, having a healthy diet and maintaining your ideal weight, will contribute a lot to your health.

See, men aren’t looking for a skinny woman, gym pussy, or a nutritionist.

They are naturally attracted to a very healthy woman.

Males are genetically programmed to seek out the healthiest female to breed.

When you’re healthy, he can even smell it.

3. Dress attractively, not fashionably.

Being a fashion woman is sure to be fun, but if you want to see one or several men falling for you, chasing after you like a cat, you should consider the idea of ​​dressing attractively to accentuate your strengths.

Men say this themselves: they don’t care as much about fashion as women do.

Consequently, they don’t even notice what’s in fashion and whether you’re wearing the trend or not.

4. Stop Being Pessimistic.

Are you a fun woman, a depressed woman, or a boring woman?

Most guys don’t want to date a boring or depressed girl, no matter how pretty she may be.

If you’re going to be with a depressed, negative woman, you’d better go play football.

Being an upbeat, fun-loving woman doesn’t mean being a neurotically happy person all the time.

It means that you should do your best to see the good in the world and express your positive opinions more.

5. Have Your Own Life.

It is absolutely necessary to have your own life when it comes to attracting and dating a man.

Again, this comes down to the fact that men don’t want what they can easily have.

So instead of always being available to date a guy, you will naturally play the difficult woman if you have a lot of interesting and fun things going on in your life.

In his eyes, you will appear much, much more valuable.