Does he miss me? See 14 Clear Signs!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You’re dating him. Had a few dates with him or maybe even more than that. 

Perhaps you have spent a lot of time together and are now apart for a while. 

Or maybe things have cooled down a bit, but you know you like him a lot. Regardless of what your case is, one thing is for sure: you miss him. 

And you can’t help but wonder: Does he miss me too?

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here today…

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With that said, let’s get to today’s article…

Here, we list some of the biggest signs he misses you (even if he won’t admit it)

14 Sure Signs a Man Misses You

The truth is, it can be quite a challenge trying to figure out how he’s feeling on your own. Most men are known for keeping things tight. 

Most men tend to lean towards the side of not expressing their feelings. 

But do not worry! No matter how much they try to hide their emotions, there will always be signs that he misses you. 

Once you’re aware of the telltale signs that show how much he misses you, you’ll finally be able to unravel his actions!

1. He always sends WhatsApp messages to you.

As far as signs go, this is probably one of the biggest and clearest! 

When the two of you aren’t together if he always texts you on WhatsApp that’s a big sign that you’re really on his mind.

This becomes even more real when he’s the kind of man who doesn’t text all the time.

A person who misses you will want to find ways to stay connected to you, even from miles away.

He wants to know what’s going on in your life, more than that… He wants to always be involved, even if he’s not physically present by your side. 

It will send messages, funny emojis, motivational words, or even a simple “Have a great day!” or “Don’t forget to have dinner!”. For you, they might just be simple messages, but for a man, this is a telltale sign that he is missing you a lot.  

2. He calls all the time (even when he normally hates talking on his cell phone).

This is another clear sign that he is missing you. Guys often call when they’re missing someone. 

And this happens a lot when women apply the techniques to make their boyfriends miss.

In today’s smartphone age, you can call someone when you’re missing them and want to feel closer to them in some way. 

Some men tend to do this when they are thinking about you and want to hear your voice and talk to you. 

He’ll use any chance to call you and hear you talk and engage with you. What if he’s the type who normally doesn’t like to talk on the phone and still calls you? Friend, so he misses you a lot. 

Of course, listen to what he’s saying too. If he’s calling “just to say hi” or to ask about his day or to chat with you, that’s a good sign. 

3. He is very sociable with you on social media.

In these modern times, the internet has become part of our lives. And social media in particular has also become a good indicator of missing someone! 

If you and your partner are on social media, and you think he’s enjoying your posts – and sometimes even writes a comment – ​​then that means he’s keeping an eye on your social media! 

He is clearly interested in you and in knowing everything about you. 

And he’s “casually” letting you know he’s paying attention. 

Even if he doesn’t directly leave comments or like post after post, if you notice he’s sharing stuff on your feed or tagging you in funny memes, it shows that he’s thinking about you and everything that reminds you – because he feels your love. lack!

4. He appears right after you go online.

He could definitely be gone all day. But then, once you go online, or just make a post on Facebook or Instagram status, then boom a message from him suddenly appears in your inbox. Yes, in that case, he is missing you. Certainly.

This might not be as obvious as some of the other signs we’ve seen earlier, but it’s still an interesting sign that your man is interested in you and misses you.

He is paying attention to all your social media and whenever he notices that your status is active, he considers it an opening to contact you.

5. He will talk about random things to make an effort to keep the conversation going.

If the man is trying hard to talk to you and he always keeps talking even if you don’t give any indication that you want to keep talking to him, that’s another sign. Of course, he misses you.

Regardless of what you’re talking about, the important thing is that he feels an urge to continue conversation after conversation even if you don’t open a new topic. If he does that, he’s definitely interested because he wants to connect more and more with you at that moment.

6. He asks you to send pictures or even make a video call with him.

Ok ok, there are men who really have ulterior motives with this but what I’m talking about here is just a few simple and seemingly random requests, he might ask you to take a picture of you for example in a restaurant to see how you are doing, or suddenly as soon as you just wake up so he can see your mussed hair.

In all these cases this seems to be another excuse for him to see your face or just hear your voice. 

The same goes for a video call, quote something he suggests. So he really misses you. and he can come up with some excuse that he doesn’t like phone calls and prefers to video call or whatever but really he just wants to look at your face and feel like he’s with you by his side even if it’s virtually. he definitely just wants to look at you because he misses you.

7. He often does some unexpected things for you. 

You might think I’m talking about something grand, but in fact, it’s not always an expensive or grand gesture. Sometimes and most of the time they are small unexpected gestures. If suddenly, he shows up at your house because he was “passing by”…

Or if he suddenly buys you that cup of coffee you said you liked, that’s another sign that he cares about you and that the things you said matter to him too.

8. He makes plans for you to meet and always makes an effort to see you.

Another surefire sign that the man you’re attracted to misses you is this: he’s going to plan things with you for the next time you meet.

Usually, he will ask what you would like to do, where would you like to go, what would you like to eat…. He just wants to spend more time with you doing the things you enjoy.

If he is planning to do something with you soon then it shows that he misses you, that he wants to be by your side and he will do anything to make it a reality. 

9. He feels jealous

Here’s something that isn’t very healthy depending on what level he’s at, but the truth that can’t be ignored is that jealousy is a big indicator that a man misses you.

And this is even more evident when we talk about a Cancer missing, but it also applies to all other signs.

Friendship for friendship does not generate jealousy, so understand that this is a sure sign that he is attracted to you and that because you are in the company of other people, the time he spends away from you makes him remember how good it is. Be together.

10. He sends random messages.

You’ve already caught yourself reading random messages this man sends you so that’s another sign that he wants to be by your side right now, girl!

It’s his way of letting you know he’s thinking about you, and also of making you think of him… 

It’s a sign that he wants to connect, but maybe he doesn’t want to seem too strong or doesn’t know how to start a conversation. 

More than that, if you text when you’re on vacation, it shows that even when you’re far away you never escape your thoughts. he takes you in his mind and heart no matter where you are.

11. His words and actions are about you when you’re not around.

This one is pretty easy and can be a little hard to figure out, but whenever you’re not around he usually talks about you like friends or family, so it’s more than obvious that he’s thinking about you even when you’re away.

He may also casually ask some of his friends how you are when you’re not around. And here’s a big sign that he’s really interested and wanted to be by his side right now.

12. He always seems to be close to the places you go.

Okay, you and he didn’t even schedule anything, didn’t set up a date. but somehow he always seems to be around. it is definitely present in a lot of places you usually go. Coincidence? I think not.

He may just be too shy to ask you out or somehow doesn’t want to appear too aggressive. Some men who are afraid of rejection tend to take a little longer, but because they still miss you, they’re sure to find a way to be around.

13. Three words: How are you?

Friend, this may seem like nothing but a guy who takes the time to find out how you are… these days. this is definitely another sign. these three simple words might seem innocent in the eyes of many, but they actually let you know that a guy cares about you and misses you, and then he thinks about you: How are you?

So if he genuinely tries hard to find out how you are doing, he’s definitely interested and wants to be with you. He misses you and wants to spend more and more time with you.

14. When he sees you, he is happy. Very happy. 

He may not say this straight out many men tend to be quite restrained in that sense but here’s truth if he’s happy when he suddenly has it, so when he’s away he also felt your picture completely and totally. I’m serious.