10 signs she has a crush on you

She loves me… she doesn’t love me… she loves me… she doesn’t love me… Have you ever plucked daisies out of sheer desperation and asked the poor little plant, “Does she like me?” After reading this article, you don’t need to pick flowers. We’ll give you the best signs and tips to help you know that women are into you.

Top 10 signs to look out for

First of all: always be vigilant! Many men are “blind” when flirting and unfortunately, they don’t even notice when the beautiful lady has her eyes on them. So take the quiz and pay close attention to the following signs to know if she likes you – whenever you talk to a woman on a daily basis.

The more of these signs you notice during a conversation, the more likely she is to be interested in you. But there is no guarantee for this.

1. She Literally Welcomes You With Open Arms

By now, everyone who has heard anything about body language knows: arms crossed in front of the chest are a sign that we want to isolate ourselves from something. If, on the other hand, the woman stands or sits with her arms outstretched, she is leaning too far towards you – she opens up to you.

2. Question after question

If two people don’t know each other yet and like each other, they naturally want to know a lot about each other. So if she prods you with questions about your life, like Swiss cheese, you can be sure she’ll find you something to eat.

3. She bows her head

Did you pay attention to the “Twilight” movie series? What sounds like a bad vampire movie is true: when she tilts her head to one side, she presents her vulnerable side – namely, her neck. This is a clear sign of trust between women. She’s probably into you and hopes you’ve tasted blood and bite – but not in the literal sense…

4. Constant messages through WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or other channels

You’re busy when an unimportant message comes out of nowhere via WhatsApp, email or Facebook:

“Hey, what are you doing beautiful?”

No doubt about it: she doesn’t write to you just because she’s bored – it’s a sure sign that she thinks about you all the time. Apparently, it lit up a lot with her because you’re on the same wavelength.

So let’s go to the buttons and the radio back! A flirty cell phone or chat can quickly turn into a tingling date if you do it right.

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5. She is constantly stalking you on Facebook and liking your pictures

Even if she is deeply interested in your Facebook profile and regularly comments and likes your posts, that’s a sure sign. Is there a more unique symbol than the thumbs-up?

6. She shows you her physical assets

Most women know, consciously or subconsciously, that the best way to attract men is through physical stimulation. Does it have hotter corners than a Formula 1 race track? Then maybe she subtly stretches her buttocks and breasts towards you – and hopes you like them! Even if she stands in front of the bathroom mirror longer than usual and particularly pretzels for you, this is a clear sign that the lady wants to please you.

7. Persistent jealousy

Occasionally, females may also extend their claws to defend their territory – and their prey. Is she scolding you for flirting with the beautiful woman at the party the other day? It sounds strange, but it is so: jealousy is a good sign in this case. Because it shows that she has feelings for you. Now it’s time to catch the tiger! But show your masculine side and fight like a lion to not end up as her bedside rug. However, if her jealousy gets out of hand once you get to know each other better and she wants to get you under control, you should run away again.

8. She visibly touches you discreetly

If she touches you with her hands from time to time during a conversation or even leans forward to seek your proximity with her whole body, this is a clear sign of her interest. Also pay attention to subtle touches, such as tugging on his shirt sleeve or her hand on your arm. This “action” is a clear sign that she wants to flirt with you.

9. Laughing, playing, and childish behavior

Does she paint her adorable mouth with lipstick and laugh in the process? Does she laugh at your stupidest jokes or giggle for no apparent reason? If she hasn’t ingested questionable substances, she’s more likely to like you. Because being in love makes a lady feel right at home.

10. She plays with her hair

Finally, a little tip: for women, hair has a special meaning when it comes to well-being. If she runs it through her hair for a moment or twirls it restlessly around her finger, that’s a sure sign she’s interested in you.

She Likes Me – What Should I Do Now?

Does she send a clear message – physically and verbally – that she likes you? Now is the time to flirt! Because if you waste too much time and don’t go on the offensive, she’ll lose interest again. What lady wants a man who hesitates anxiously – or who doesn’t seem to be interested in her?

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Does she like me or is she just nice?

These days, in particular, many women like to surround themselves with men without showing any physical interest in them. You see in these guys the famous “best friend” with whom they share pizza on DVD night, but never bed! The problem: many men tend to think positively and interpret great love in a woman’s behavior. They think their best friend wants to flirt with them but the good one might just want to spend a nice day with you as a friend.

A situation that many men know in their own lives! However, you can avoid these disappointments in love by taking the test again and paying attention to their signs. You must also act alone and clearly show your interest in her. Touch her, and give her clear praise! This should make her realize that she is more than just a best friend to you. If she refuses here and walks away or even gives you a direct basket, you know she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

She’s just not that into me, what am I supposed to do now?

Does she not send any signals that she likes you and is literally rejecting you? Unfortunately, mutual acquaintance does not always turn into great love! The question is: what can you do now? Fortunately, the answer is very simple: it’s time to look for other beautiful women who might be more interested in you. Of course, you can still be friends with her – maybe she still has a nice friend or two in her circle of acquaintances who like men like you.