Does she just want friendship or more? 8 clear signs of love

A man’s life is full of insecurities – especially in love. When we meet a beautiful woman, we are often faced with a great mystery. We wonder: does she just want friendship or more? Are there signs in her that speak of love? And: can I dare to take the next step?

These questions are not so easy to answer because the girls’ signals on the date are often contradictory and leave us confused.

Instead of filling out any tests on the Internet, you should observe the lady closely and try to interpret her signals. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 8 unmistakable signs that will tell you if she just wants friendship or more. Also, in the end, I’ll explain how you steer the ship in the direction of a relationship so that in the end you’re not just “best friends”.

Just best friends or a relationship? How this question tormented me at that time!

Are we just good friends or is it possible to have a relationship? If I’ve ever been in love with a woman before, I’m really desperate about this question. Constantly this uncertainty, how it is emotionally with her – and the fear of a stump… and that all this leads to unhappy love for me. So, in a pinch, I sat down in front of the computer and took some tests online, but in the end, I was as expert as ever.

The most tragic thing, however, is that many times I just didn’t notice their flirting signals and didn’t act on them. So in the end I was just “best friends” with him.

Uncertain questions like “What is between us?” They didn’t go down well with women either. Today I know why: such a direct question makes the woman feel pressured to make a decision – an uncomfortable situation for her!

Love or friendship? These 8 Signs Can Tell You She’s In Love!

If someone had told me back then which signs I should look out for in women…it would have saved me a lot of pain! To make your life easier, I will now reveal 8 signs for you. They can tell for sure if she just wants friendship or a love affair.

1. She laughs a lot and shows a sense of humor

Of course, when we feel really close to someone, we laugh a lot. Of course, this is also the case with women who enjoy spending time with their male friends. But if she not only laughs at your jokes but also constantly laughs for no reason in her presence and teases you, the signs are all about being in love.

2. Positive body language and touch

Often, the body reveals more than our words. That said, pay attention to her body language — not so much what she’s saying. There are several signs that suggest she wants more than friendship. These flirting signs should be mentioned, for example:

  • She gets very close to you physically when you sit or stand.
  • She touches you a lot with her hands.
  • She tilts her head and shows her neck.
  • She nervously runs her fingers through her hair.
  • She crosses her legs while standing.
  • She seems very nervous in general, fidgeting with objects with her hands.

3. Annoying jealousy of other women

One thing is for sure: if she is truly in love with you and wants more than friendship, she will do anything to have you all to herself. Who wants to share their loved one with someone else? So take a quiz and casually tell her about other girls:

“Yesterday I was at the cinema with a friend to see the new movie with the giant octopus, which was really exciting… You should have heard the whole hall screaming in horror!”

If she doesn’t talk about horror octopuses but starts to wonder who this friend is and reacts with jealousy or offense, that means only one thing: She wants you as a steady partner for a relationship!

4. The triangle look – the secret sign of flirting

In addition to body language in flirting, the lady’s looks can also be very deceitful and reveal something about her true feelings. If you’re more than just a good friend to her, chances are she’s not just looking her in the eye during a conversation. Her gaze will begin to wander back and forth between her eyes and her mouth, making a triangular motion. Flirt experts call this the “triangle view.”

5. Test: suggestion of a common future

Can you imagine a life together with you? Women who want more than just a good friendship from a man secretly dream of a relationship or even marriage. So do a little test to see if she’s imagining these thoughts.

If she responds positively to this, it’s a good sign that she wants more from you.

6. Date for two instead of meeting friends

I once had a good friend with whom classic dating was impossible. When I suggested an intimate date, she turned it into a large group date with her circle of friends in no time.

Later (after a stump) it became clear to me: She called her friends not to make our activities feel like a date and to keep me at a distance.

On the other hand, it means: If she would like to meet you alone and enjoy being intimate with you, love seems to be involved. Even if she doesn’t immediately introduce you to her parents and friends when you first meet, that’s a positive sign that she wants more than just a platonic friendship.

7. She starts testing your manhood

Every girl wants a partner who has masculine strength and can protect her in critical situations. A woman in love will therefore put you to a test to find out if you are the mentally strong man she dreams of.

These can be psychological traps of all kinds to put you under stress:

  • Arriving late to the meeting
  • Do not contact you for a long time
  • small accusations
  • Constantly asking for a favor (often unnecessary)
  • Mention other men to test YOUR jealousy (yes, women can do this trick too!)
  • Indecision on projects to test your leadership skills
  • And much more

Don’t see these exams as negative, the lady didn’t mean that badly. Rather, they are a good sign that she wants more from you and sees you as a serious “candidate” for a love affair. Of course, you have to work around this faux pas she puts in front of your feet on the road to love and you shouldn’t latch on or react with anger. If you stay relaxed with these tests and don’t let yourself be intimidated by what you’re doing, your chances are good!

8. Big compliments on your masculine qualities

You should not interpret every compliment as an attempt on your part. But if she compliments you excessively, it could mean she’s into you. By that, I mean, above all, expressions such as:

  • “I can’t believe someone like you has been single for so long.”
  • “You are a man whose women are at his feet.”
  • “As I can see, you have absolutely no problem meeting beautiful women.”

By the way: showing off doesn’t go well at all. Therefore, do not say what kind of womanizer you are, just smile mysteriously and act modestly. She will like this!

How to turn friendship into love 

Of course: so far, you may just be good friends, but you certainly want a love affair with this woman. So one rule applies: you must set the course in the direction of a relationship so you don’t end up in the friend zone. And this means that you must clearly break with the friend way and do things that are done out of love, but generally not out of friendship.

If you see signs that she’s enjoying all of this…

Even with all these things, you should always watch your signs. Does she react positively to these new behaviors? Fine! So you know from her reactions that she definitely wants more than just a good friendship. Now it’s time to move on and enjoy a beautiful relationship. Have a good time!