How to make him miss me

How to make him miss me and look for me?

If you’re here, chances are your man isn’t paying much attention to you and might be dumping you or even breaking up with you.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make him regret it and start missing you.

How to make him miss me and look for me

What woman doesn’t like to feel wanted and know that, in a snap of her fingers, her man comes running like a puppy without an owner, right?

So, check out the tips below on how to make him miss me and look for you.

1. Ignore him for a while

One of the answers to how to make him miss me is to leave him alone for a while.

So don’t always be available to him, because that doesn’t make you interesting.

Men’s minds work differently, that is, when they don’t have it, they want it, but when they have it easy, they don’t appreciate it.

Men like to conquer and all the difficulty that involves the conquest, because they like the challenge of getting what they want.

But if you make yourself available all the time for her, there’s simply no challenge in winning you over by making him ignore you.

When a man is left out for a while, he feels like he is losing you and that will make him run away from you.

Therefore, valuing yourself is fundamental for a man to value you, respect you and give you the attention you deserve.

2. Wait for him to call or text first

If you’re the one who always initiates conversations, how is he going to miss you?

So, let him have the initiative to talk to you first, because this will make him value you more, in addition to realizing that he has to keep winning you over.

And when he brings up the subject, let him ask the questions first, instead of opening up and asking him a barrage of questions.

3. Take time to respond

You don’t have to respond right away when he asks you something, as this shows that you are completely available to him.

Give an air of suspense, and wait a few minutes to reply to his messages, as this will force him to think of you in that time when he waits for the answer.

So, if your question was how to make him miss me, try to take a little time to answer when he calls you, okay?

4. Respond vaguely

Be mysterious whenever you can, that is, instead of talking in the smallest detail about everything you did and do, answer vaguely.

When you speak in a vague way, you force the man to think about what you said and meant and therefore this mystery will make him more curious about you.

You can say that you’re going out with your friends or that you have appointments tomorrow, for example.

So, as he doesn’t know exactly your plans, besides making him curious, it will make him miss you.

5. Don’t over-compliment him

If you keep declaring yourself to him, what do you think will happen?

Men like to conquer and therefore avoid praising him for everything so that he does not feel that he has already conquered you completely.

Avoid talking about your relationship or how much you thought about him.

Instead, ask about everyday things, such as if he saw the news that passed or the movie that was released, among other things that are not a declaration of love.

6. Always be tidy

A tidy woman exudes confidence and positivity.

So, even if you have low self-esteem, try to get ready, put on makeup, fix your hair, and put on accessories, such as earrings and necklaces.

When a woman abuses her beauty, she exudes her charm and this attracts the attention of men. He has to see what an amazing woman you are.

So, seek to value your beauty, but also accept your flaws, because nobody is perfect.

Men are attracted to well-groomed and powerful women. So try to invest in your beauty.

7. End the conversation first

Ending the conversation first, whether it’s a call or a text message, puts you in control and keeps your man thinking about you.

Remember the other tips on not always being available and being a mystery girl.

So, a tip is to say that you need to wake up early to work or you need to do the grocery shopping.

8. Give an unexpected gift

In addition to making him think of you, give him a gift that reminds him of you every time he looks at it, as he will miss you when he looks at the treat.

You can give me a cool t-shirt or a different mug, for example.

For long-distance relationships, this works great.

9. Having an offline life will make him miss you

Avoid being connected all the time, as this will make you available to him.

So, don’t post pictures on social media of everything that happens in your life, so he doesn’t know everything about you.

Remember that an air of mystery helps in relationships.

So, stay a few days without getting on social media and without posting anything, because that will make him miss you.

10. Make him feel insecure

One of the best ways to make a man chase is when he feels insecure, you know?

The flea behind the ear can be a friend in these moments because he will show more interest in you and look for you to get rid of the doubt.

Lightly comment that another man is texting you, as this will attract his attention.

When he feels insecure and that he may lose you to someone else, he will run after you to try to win you over again.

This will definitely make him miss you.

11. Don’t accept leaving at the last minute, making him miss you

He’s had all week to set something up with you, but why did he leave it to the last minute?

Were you his last option?

Worse, if you always agree to leave at the last minute, he will know that you are always available and, therefore, he will not have to make plans or win you over, simply because you have already fallen for his bait.

From now on, if he calls you at the last minute, say that you had already made an appointment with your friend or family.

With that attitude, he remembers how you used to be always available and worried about his new plans.

This will make him try harder to be around you because he’ll miss you when he calls you and you don’t accept the last-minute invitation.

12. Invite him out with your group of friends

It’s good that he knows that your life does not depend on him and that you have your friendships.

When a woman has a social life, she can make the man miss her even more.

Therefore, call him, from time to time, to participate in a company happy hour, for example.

But don’t abuse it, because it’s important that he knows that you have your life and your individuality.

Conclusion on how to make him miss me

I hope this article on how to make him miss me has helped you shed light on the behaviors that will get his attention and make him chase after you.