How can I make him crazy about me?

How can I make him crazy about me? In this article, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to make a man passionate and crazy about you.

So we’ve separated some sure tips so he can’t stay any further away from you.

In addition to the tips, we’ll show you something you can secretly use to become the only woman in this man’s life, regardless of whether he’s thinking about another one.

9 tips on how to make him crazy about me

Here are 9 tips on how to make him crazy about me that you can start using today to get this guy obsessed with you.

1. Take good care of yourself and your appearance

We all understand the importance of maintaining our physical and psychological health, through healthy eating, exercise, and life in general.

But taking good care of yourself also involves reflective thinking and being responsive to your body and your feelings as a basis for the action that is right for you.

What we mean is that first of all, you need to have your mind and body armored for this guy to see you in a way he’s never seen a woman before.

Here are some steps you can take to do just that.

  • Take care of his mind by putting only good things and leaving no room for negativity, firmly believing that he is already yours and that you will drive him crazy for you.
  • Get ready in the best possible way, a man considers the active visual stimulus to be extinct so take care and do your best.
  • Use good perfume.
  • Eat well, you need to have a lot of energy.

2. Massage 

Massage is one of the best ways to release oxytocin in the body.

In fact, massage benefits both the person giving the massage and the person receiving the massage.

Both shows increased levels of oxytocin.

And you don’t have to be a professional about it.

Simply spend 15-20 minutes massaging your partner and you will both experience a growing sense of closeness and attachment.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of massage in helping to reduce daily stress, improving the immune system, and making people feel healthier and more relaxed.

3. Look him straight in the eyes

They say the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, but it turns out they are also the windows to the heart.

There are many studies on how non-verbal signals from the eyes affect our behavior toward each other.

And simply looking into another person’s eyes has been shown to trigger the release of oxytocin, as well as other neurotransmitters associated with bonding, attraction, and love.

Eye contact releases oxytocin and oxytocin increase eye contact.

When you are with your man, make a point of looking into his eyes and holding that gaze for 3-4 minutes.

I know it sounds silly, but trust me, you will immediately feel these effects and feel closer and more connected.

4. Physical Touch done right can drive him crazy.

The best way to get more Oxytocin is through physical touch.

Caresses, hugs, and even handshakes get the oxytocin flowing. Connect with your partner.

Hug and kiss every morning and night and make sure they are good hugs.

You must hold a hug for at least six seconds to get the happy chemicals of oxytocin and serotonin flowing.

This is sure to boost your mood and his mood, as well as promote bonding.

Also, it is important to know that the amount of oxytocin in the brain changes from moment to moment.

This means that keeping oxytocin levels high is an ongoing process that must be repeated over and over again.

throughout the day.

Fortunately, these steps are simple, enjoyable, and easily adaptable to your life.

5. Your Responses to Text Messages Have to Be Varied

You will vary the time it takes you to respond to his text messages.

Simply put, when he texts you, sometimes you reply in seconds, sometimes in minutes, sometimes in hours, and sometimes you might even forget to reply.

And when you do, it will keep checking your phone to see if you’ve responded.

This means he will be thinking about you too.

6. Have a social life outside of his

Go out with your girlfriends and have fun again, away from your man.

Do something for yourself.

Start a new hobby or do something you enjoy.

It forces you to recognize your independence and that you’re not just waiting by the phone for their calls.

Remember, one of the most important things men find in women is independence.

7. Believe you are the prize

When you believe you are the prize, you place your self-respect above your feelings, stay true to your standards, and enforce your personal boundaries.

Believing you’re the prize also means you’re not constantly trying to gauge how much he likes or wants you.

Instead, when you know your own worth, you focus more on making sure it lives up to it.

8. Being mysterious will make him crazy about you

Let him get into the habit of asking you questions.

Share pieces of your life little by little and make him gain your trust again.

So when you’re going out to dinner with your parents, tell him you’re going out to dinner.

You don’t have to tell him who you’re going with… unless he asks.

When you have plans with girlfriends and he asks you out on a last-minute date, say, I have plans with girlfriends.

Don’t break your plans for his request at the last minute.

This will force him to recognize that his time is valuable and that he needs to put it first, as a priority, not an option.

This is a very important step in the tips on how to make him crazy about me.

9. Your life is the priority, start saying no to him

To make a man crazy about you, it is not necessary to do everything he wants.

You can balance this and even this is one of the ways that the man will try even harder to stay with you.

Remember, one of the most important things men find in women is independence.

He has to know how full and complete his life is.

Conclusion on how to make him crazy about me

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to make him crazy about me.

So, use the 9 steps and you will see a big difference.