Signs He Isn’t Into You

Do you know the signs that he is not into you?

A guy’s smile is one of the keys to knowing if he’s interested in affection. 

Watch! When a guy likes you, he gives you the flirty kind of smile that says, “I really like you.”

It’s that nice guy smile, with upper lids slightly lowered, pearly whites peeking out and eyes blinking slowly.

Also, he will lock eye contact with you for at least five seconds.

When he doesn’t want you, he’ll give you the same smile he gives his grandmother;

Maybe he’s showing his teeth, his eyes are wide open, or he finds another person or object to get your attention and avoid making eye contact with you.

He’ll text you, all the time, and he’ll make small talk about everything, just to keep things cool.

Men go after what they want.

If he doesn’t schedule anything with you and makes you feel invisible by avoiding you, he’s certainly not into you!

Another sign is that when men see us, they compliment the way we look, smell, and the beauty of our eyes.

If you get regular compliments from your crush that your mom or friend does, like! “You look nice!” “I like your hair.” “You’re cool.”

Those regular, vague respects that you probably don’t even hear from your crush are a sign of kindness, not an act of flirtation.

These compliments are easily confused with flirtatious ones.

Women love and crave compliments from men to boost their confidence and actually feel even more beautiful.

If you need to force compliments from your sweetheart, have little to no compliments directed at you, or witness him giving compliments to another girl; wake up!

You can’t keep being treated like this!

The third sign is how he treats you compared to the other girls he hangs out with. 

How does he treat you differently than other women?

If you answer, “He doesn’t treat me any different than other girls” or “He treats his friends better than I do,” then you need to re-evaluate why you like this guy who doesn’t care about you.

A guy who adores you will show it; will put you on a pedestal.

You will be that special woman who will stand out from the girls and get your magic boy’s attention.

Guys who don’t like you aren’t worth liking.

You can’t force them to like you, no matter how high your skirt is, how much makeup you wear, or how many articles you read to win them over.

In short, if you do more than him to make it go forward, forget it, these are signs that he’s not into it and that you’re just wasting your time! Do not miss more…