5 things men find attractive

There are several things men find attractive and today I’m going to talk about five of them.

One of the biggest fears of men is that they will end up with an emotionally dependent woman. They fear being trapped in a miserable relationship. 

This is one of the most annoying things for a man… Believe me!

The woman is always begging for affection and needs his approval for everything.

The last thing they want is to be in an unsatisfying relationship with a woman who doesn’t make them happy.

Below are some qualities that women who satisfy men tend to have.

The first quality that men usually admire in a woman is steadfastness and focus. 

Men don’t want to be a woman’s life, nor do they want to be her sole provider. 

Men want a woman who has her own goals and ambitions, a woman who knows what she wants and is prepared to go and get it.

The second quality that men like in a woman is independence.

This quality is linked to the first, but it is more holistic.

An independent woman has her own life.

She has her own career, her own friends, and her interests, and isn’t the type to drop all her plans to meet a guy or go out of her way to show him how much she likes him.

Third, men respect a woman who respects herself.

This is often the reason why men get away with a lot of things.

A man will only respect you as much as you respect yourself.

Set your standards and don’t let anyone fall below them.

The fourth feature that men love is natural looks. 

Men love a woman in her gym gear, without makeup.

I know it sounds contradictory to what women know, but a woman without makeup is 100 times more attractive to a man than a girl who looks like a clown face.

Finally, guys love a woman who is smiling and in a good mood. 

She looks approachable and happy. 

This ties in with the first quality on the list. 

Men are looking for a woman who enjoys her own life. 

They want a woman to want to share her happiness with them. 

They don’t want to support a woman and be the only thing she has going for her in her life.

The theme with all of the above traits is that they endorse a woman’s stability. 

While it’s important to let your guard down and express your thoughts and feelings, in order to develop an emotional connection you must first show a man that you are safe within yourself.

That is, the more secure and centered, without emotional declines you are, the more attractive you will become to a man!

These are some things that men find attractive… and yes, we will have 30 days of straight posts… keep scrolling!