If You Really Like Her, Don’t Destroy Her

By opening her heart to love for you, a woman leaves her comfort zone, so to speak.

She ignores all of her fears and anxieties and decides to trust you no matter what.

She tears down the walls she had built around her heart and lets you get into it, even though she had promised herself to never do such a thing again.

She decides to have faith in you and to believe that you will not harm her.

When a woman loves, whatever her strength and autonomy, she gives you a form of power over her.

She gives herself entirely and thus gives you the power to break her heart. In a way, it offers you the opportunity to hurt and destroy it.

And it is up to you to decide if you will take advantage of this opportunity. It is up to you to decide if you will use it and benefit from the fact that it is open to you.

It is up to you to decide if you will really love this woman.

But remember one thing – you don’t destroy the people you love.

So please, if you like her, don’t break her heart. Because it is something she has already experienced and she could not bear another heartache.

Don’t force her to beg for your attention. If you love him, show him the depth of your love.

Don’t make her feel unwanted and unloved. Don’t break her confidence and never compare her to other girls.

If you love her, treat her like she’s the only woman you can be with.

Show her how special and unique you find her and how proud you are to have such a woman by your side.

Do not treat it as your last resort, because it will put you first. This girl should be your priority and the last thing she deserves is to be treated as a second choice.

Please never make it feel like a last resort or a safety net.

Don’t expect her to handle your emotional baggage. Do not expect her to be your savior and the one who will heal you, if you only break her.

Do not make her a passing girl, because she is much more than that.

Do not treat it as something temporary. If this girl opens up to someone, it’s for life.

She is not looking for a good time, nor for a short-term relationship.

No, she wants you to love her whole. She wants to be your partner in every sense of the word and if that is something you cannot offer her, leave as long as it is time, before fully penetrating her heart.

Do not play with her because she will see clearly in your intentions.

No, she will not say that you are a man, a real one because you play the hard guys unable to love. It will only repel it.

Do not try to send contradictory signals to her, because she has neither the time nor the energy to waste in analyzing your actions. Just be honest with her.

You don’t need to suppress your emotions or hide your vulnerable side, because I promise you they will never use them against you.

Don’t let her be the only one trying . If you love him, show him that love. Show her that you care about her, because it’s the only way for her to believe in it.

This girl will find no excuse for your mistreatment, because she knows that someone’s love is expressed through her efforts.

Don’t force her to run after you . Because she will not do it; not because she doesn’t care about you, but because she knows what she is worth and she will never be humiliated by someone demanding that she beg for her love.

Don’t try to control and manipulate her, because she knows who she is and she knows she doesn’t need you; even if she likes you.

She worked hard to become the woman she is today and she will not let anyone change her.

And above all, if you like it, never let it go. Because believe me – she’s one you only meet once in your life.

She is like no other and if you lose her, you will seek her in each of the women after her.

So please do your best to keep it with you.

Because if you do, she will teach you what being loved means and show you that she is worthy of all your efforts.