7 Things Men Really Enjoy in a Woman

Men generally don’t keep a secret about what they like in a woman.

S**xy lingerie, bust sizes and their culinary skills are often the most common.

But the things they really love are most commonly silenced.

Fortunately, social networks help us discover these things today and we present you the most interesting of them!

Lady in public, sloppy in bed.

The opposite would be unacceptable. Also, being safer in public and lady in bed does not attract men in any way.

Men like women who are gentle, kind and polite in public, but who get a little wilder at home.

A soft and tender voice.

Waking up slowly and hearing your partner’s soft voice is much better than having breakfast in bed.

An alarm clock like this and a languid “good night” help create an intimate and fulfilling atmosphere for men.

Women in heels.

Of course, when you know how to walk with it. No one likes Lady Gaga heels, with which you can’t take more than two steps without twisting your ankle.

If it is your shoes that wear you and not the opposite, it is better to leave them in the wardrobe!

Most men will agree that a confident woman in heels is one of the most attractive things in the world.

She regulates her own consumption.

Even if men feel more masculine or dominant and like to take care of their wives by paying their bills, most of them are full of admiration for a woman who can take out her wallet when the bill.

Strong and independent.

No one likes women-children who cannot stay alone for more than a minute. It is unacceptable for most men.

A beautiful woman, smiling and having self-confidence can only leave a good impression on a man.

The simplicity.

Men love natural, laid-back women. Believe it or not, they don’t even notice your mascara, eyeliner or blush.

On the other hand, if you wear too much makeup, they will notice and it is generally not a good thing.

They will have the impression that you are hiding behind a facade. If you are concerned that your companion will leave you after seeing you without makeup, do yourself a favor – leave them.

She is interested in the things he likes.

Whether it’s a hobby, a video game or a sport, a man will always appreciate seeing that his wife is also interested.

You don’t have to play soccer or League of Legends with him, but show him that you know his interests and he’ll see you in a whole new light.