It would be great to go into a man’s head and find out if he likes you, right? But, since this is not possible, you will have to rely on an old method, read between the lines.

If you feel that there is something more than friendship between the two of you but you are not sure if he loves you, here are some frequent signs that will reveal his true emotions to you. So stay tuned!

1. He’s texting you just to make sure it’s okay

Imagine that you are at work, in the middle of something, and that you receive a text message. When you open it, you probably think that it is still your boss who needs something, but when you see that it is him, you smile.

This is a sign that he is thinking of you, even when he is busy at work. It also proves that he’s not going anywhere, at least not yet!

2. He introduces you to his parents

His parents are his role models and if he wants to present them to you, it’s a sign of respect.