I have always wondered why some women need to send these long texts to men. It seemed pointless to me.

Either they were ignored, or they received a very short and even more frustrating response. I was just wondering just before I sent one myself.

I do not know what happend to me. I sat down and started writing:

I’m not a wimp, you know, I wanted to tell you all this in person, but you really didn’t give me a choice. You left without any explanation and without farewell. Did I deserve you to treat me this way?

I can’t believe someone who is capable of having so many emotions can be so cruel at the same time. You knew it would break me.

Farewells are always difficult, but when everything remains vague and unexplained, it is even worse. I guess you never appreciated me enough to be able to treat me properly, not even at the end.

I know I was stupid for falling in love with you in the first place. I thought I saw something in you that no one else saw. Besides, I always think that there is good inside you. Just a pity that it did not come out.