I finally decide to love

Who has never heard a man say to him ”  stop taking your head  ” or ”  I want a relationship without the fuss  ” or ”  you ask yourself too many questions “.

What to understand? ”  It is only s**x that interests me so stop talking or rather making feelings  ” (and again I remain correct).

For my part, every time I heard that, I told them the same thing! These are today’s meetings.

I’m not going to make generalities but we must admit that it concerns 60% of singles if not more …


I have hardly known that in my whole life. 

I have never had a man who came to make me a real seduction and great feelings to take out the violins and make the romantic (and still I do not ask for so much).

Nonetheless, I believe that when you are good with someone, you let go naturally and everything should be smooth. If you put up barriers to prevent yourself from fully living a relationship under the pretext that ”  this is not the right time “, ”  I don’t know what I want  ” or ”  I just want a s**x friends relationship c ‘is the right compromise «… Excuse me but who are asking questions? Not us!

We, women, have clear opinions about a relationship (but don’t ask us what we want to eat though).


We know what we want and what we no longer want because we have the ability to question ourselves and move forward to better develop as a pair.

There is also the ”  I don’t sleep the first night it’s overdone let’s go, we’ll see where it takes us  ” when we knew very well where it was going to take us!


This is where this widens a gap of understanding. It is not the same depending on who says it:

  • When a woman says that, it’s true word for word.
  • When a man says that, he already knows that we won’t have the power to reach his heart.

I’m not ashamed to say that I haven’t had a long relationship. Unconsciously I looked for it a bit because strangely I always attracted the same profiles.

Admittedly I knew what I wanted but they did not know it or at least they knew that I was not “chosen” and therefore that I could while waiting for them to pass the time and they mine.

I never fell in love, I get attached to people. Affection and tenderness.

It took me a long time to understand and analyze all of this. Here I am at my 35 years (and 11 months) and I finally tell myself that I have to recondition myself to fall in love because:

  • I have always loved to please and be spoiled for choice.
  • I like to have power over men as they can have over us.
  • I always attract the same profiles

And yet….

  • I would love for a man to capsize me
  • That he loves me for who I am
  • I would have dreamed of provoking passion and the feeling of love in a man

But I always wanted to keep my emotions in check to avoid suffering.

For years I have been in love with the feeling of being with someone but not with the person I was with.


When a story ended I was sad for the wrong reasons: because I was alone. When I should have been because I lost an extraordinary person (but it took me a while to understand the difference). 

Today I decided to reverse the trend.


It’s time to let the man find me, not the other way around.

I have learned from my experiences and try to move forward.

I lived everything I wanted to live, I benefited and today I am ready. Really ready to be loved and to love.

This is also what being a Celibating is: having the freedom to express what you want, to feel that you deserve it and not be satisfied with “better than nothing”.