To love is to accept to put yourself in danger

Today, I would like to share with you an excerpt from the book  “everything to please … and still single: Meeting love”  by Sophie Cadalen and Sophie Guillou. To meditate…

“Failures, disappointing encounters, heartaches lead to a bad initial choice.

Back to square one…

What this fantasy protects is a certain comfort that saves us from taking risks.

To meet the other, you have to accept to risk something of yourself. 


Accept, for example, to question all the evidence that justifies our life choices, all the values ​​that govern them. 

Our family environment, our culture, and our education have unwittingly permeated our ways of doing and thinking. 

Discovering the other means accepting that they can act differently, according to principles that are not like ours. 


The thrill of love does not lie in the fact that you fit together very closely like two pieces of a puzzle, without changing what you are. On the contrary, it is to create a link between two necessarily different beings, to initiate a movement outside of oneself to explore this unknown continent. ”  

And for that, it is necessary to bump into the difference. 

Accept risk taking.

If you are ready to fall in love, to take the risk of love, to let go …