Being happy can be learned!

Self-love is an innovative concept that aims to help you gain self-confidence and self-esteem, while allowing you to achieve much better relationships with those close to you.

To be happy can be learned!

Taking into account all my personal development experience, I can say today that “  living happily is learned  ”. Everyone goes through existential crises around two main questions ” Who am I?” And ” Where am I going?” “.

In adulthood, you are the reflection of the Love that you have been given and the self-confidence in which you have built yourself since you were very young.

Self-love, an original concept to develop your confidence!

We often talk about self-confidence, self-esteem or personal development. Unfortunately, I realized that working in these three areas often led to social exclusion and difficulties in everyday human relations because you can suddenly seem haughty, focus on yourself and therefore exclude yourself from a group if the others do not recognize us.

And yet, the relationship with others is a powerful and necessary source of energy to achieve a form of well-being on a daily basis.

You can’t stay away from society if you want to  be a better person , overcome your painful past, or just get the life of your dreams.

Thanks to  Self-Love, you will be able to more easily build your daily life by being pro-active in your life and by affirming your choices.

The goal is to always follow your desires by realizing that it is necessary to adapt them according to the people around you, according to their own belief system, according to their personality, according to their desires and their needs.

This concept will undoubtedly allow you to bring more value to your loved ones because you will refocus on what is really important to you.

You can also develop your other qualities in order, for example, to fight stress, to be more relaxed and to better live all the delicate phases of general life.

“I know what I’m worth!” Realize your personal worth!

For nearly 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to support men and women with the aim of helping them realize their potential and develop their self-esteem.

You have no idea how beautiful you are, how much you have qualities buried by your fears and above all, how much you can get a daily life that smiles on you, if you take only one risk: that of follow your desires and adapt to a modern society in constant evolution.

Reveal your inner beauty so that it shines on the outside and that it never fades, whatever the trials and setbacks you are going to experience!

To  develop your “Self-love  “, it is necessary to become aware of your values. They are everything that drives you and helps you become a better person every day.

The first step is to become aware of what you accomplish in your daily life that brings you positive. Do not hesitate to stop reading this article to ask yourself concretely what part of the positive do you get in your life?

Take a sheet of paper and write down each evening what made you feel good about your day. What small action can change and improve your state of mind?

You will thus learn to know yourself better but also to target the positive actions you have taken with the people around you and therefore with your values.
Do not forget, however, to also position yourself on the future to use this notion of self – love in order to accomplish all your projects and your ambitions.

How do others perceive your image?

To work on your personal confidence or your self-esteem, it is necessary to ask yourself how others, that is to say, your relatives, whether they are your friends, your family, your colleagues, your acquaintances, perceive you to them. level.

I really recommend that you do a little exercise by asking 10 people around you to name three qualities and three faults that characterize you. The goal is to see what they think of you and especially to analyze the response they provide according to the degree of closeness that exists between you.

You cannot deny that society is the lifeblood of our day to day life and that you must do everything to avoid being excluded. On the contrary, you will have to learn to impose yourself with your ways of thinking.

By working on the image that we send to others and our personal construction, we will give more strength to our daily interactions.

It’s a great way to gain value and transform your confidence level.

Of course, this is not going to be done in a few days, it takes time and perseverance, but the evolution will be present and gradually it will be really visible to all.

How to love yourself?

I fully understand that the lack of self-love is a problem for your daily life. You wish you could get more confidence and serenity in the course of your life. So I want to send you a message of hope and sincerity.

You can perfectly achieve the daily life and love that best suits your desires but for that, you will have to learn to question yourself and to  modify all your habits , well only the worst ones!

Self-love evolves through small, well-targeted actions that simply aim to help you live a happier life.

Your mission is to target your bad habits, your fears, your lack of motivation so as never to repeat the same pattern again and offer yourself the right to change.

It is entirely possible that you will change your vision of yourself by targeting the well-being that you are able to bring around you. So I am counting on your motivation to continue making the right decisions and taking action on a daily basis to become a better person. You will get much more from those close to you and those around you.

NEVER forget a great principle of human relations “It is by giving that we receive”