Understand men!

The majority of women who contact me in order to understand men ask me for explanations concerning the way of thinking of the latter. They particularly want to better understand the meaning of their attitudes when it comes to engaging in a relationship, communicating about their feelings, or the reasons why they run away after a breakup.

What are the real differences between men and women?

To understand a man and assimilate male psychology, I invite you to observe all the characteristics that make your man behave in such and such a way. The main criteria are as follows:

  • What childhood did he live?
  • What parental education did he receive?
  • What are the romantic experiences he has had?
  • What are the relationships he has with his relatives (friends and family)?
  • What are the fears he may have concerning the life of a couple and more generally?
  • How does he express his love?
  • Is he a man who communicates more by words or by deeds?
  • Does he have a lot of self-confidence or is he rather shy and reserved?

You will notice that by answering these questions you will naturally study the differences between men and women but even more so, you will be able to better understand the behavioral characteristics of the man who interests you.

As it is extremely complex to study exactly the behavior of a man in relation to that of a woman in order to draw useful conclusions from it, then I consider that the most important work is to focus on the role of the past and the past. childhood which are determining factors of behavior in adulthood, and which could help you better understand the one in front of you.

What men hate  today can often be explained by what they experienced when they were younger.

How does the past help to understand male psychology?


Understanding a man through his sentimental past

If you take a good look at your sentimental past and that of the men you have met, they are always negative. All of your relationships have ended in breakdown and very often that means deep discomfort and disappointment to overcome.

Building a romantic relationship is not easy, even more so nowadays. It is to avoid all the suffering of the past that many men will now be afraid to commit, afraid to let go, afraid to love and therefore not be completely free in your relationship.

The sentimental past is a very important source of influence concerning the behavior of everyday life and to study it is to have the capacity to strengthen the bases of one’s relationship or of one’s seduction. If you have just met a man, in particular thanks to communication, moments of sharing, your projects, and everything that characterizes your relationship.

Male psychology, not that complex?

There is not just one type of man, you should be aware that you may meet more than one type of man.

It should be kept in mind that they are above all human beings and even the s**xiest, charismatic or confident man is looking for a woman who will know how to support him.

You should not lose sight of the fact that a man is subject to great influences related to his past, his childhood, his goals, his personality but that he will always seek a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Do not try to complicate male psychology but on the contrary work on emotional communication to always have an impact and be omnipresent in his mind and to be able to seduce him or keep him. The emotional communication is the fact dialogue incorporating what you would like to heart for your message to be more efficient.

Do not wait for him to give himself up to you, your duty is to identify this man by observing his desires even before he expresses them! There is nothing more powerful than coming to understand the one who shares your daily life.

To achieve this, it is, therefore, necessary to study:

  • His  sentimental past,
  • His way of behaving in society,
  • His need for tenderness and affection which often hides a lack of confidence or a need to be reassured,
  • Its degree of independence that will help you know whether or not to talk about your feelings and finally,
  • His objectives to understand what drives him on a daily basis (what he loves more than anything).

We all have a “why” that makes us get up every morning, whether it is our desire to succeed in business, to help our neighbor, to enjoy life, … And it is by finding that of man that you have in front of you that  male psychology will no longer hold any secrets for you  !

What do men hate in Love?

To go into a little more detail, I absolutely wanted to give you my tools to understand what are the mistakes not to make to avoid scaring a man.

1 / A woman acquired and in demand!

Despite your behavior, which is often perfect because you invest yourself in creating a good bond with a man, you have the misfortune to see that he is running away and that he does not want to get involved.

“A man cannot fall in love with a woman who is.” It’s sad to write but it’s the truth. For a man to become attached to you, he must feel that you are a challenge and that he must constantly be in a position to seduce you, particularly through a unique sharing.

If you are acquired, in demand, jealous, possessive, etc … then you will let the negative take up too much space and the break is never far away under these conditions.

To avoid sounding like that, I recommend that you always keep a balance between your sentimental life, your personal life, your friends, and family life as well as your professional life. The vast majority of women forget this balance and this is what leads to finding themselves in extreme demand in front of their men.

2 / The search for perfection and the fact of always wanting more!

Your man is human and he cannot give you everything you are looking for. You’re going to have to come to terms with your story, learn to be content with what you have or build an even stronger relationship without asking for anything from her, just by being more active on your side.

Don’t go looking for the impossible ladies but try to make things better anyway. It is better to advance by small touch than not at all.

3 / A relationship where the man has no place

If you forget to value your partner, to give him compliments, to organize activities in your relationship, to realize surprises etc… Then you risk making him run away for lack of interest.

A man needs a woman who is independent but who will also know how to express his attraction to him so that he feels “useful”.

You must seek a relationship with total balance and daily complicity to ensure that you have stability even in difficulty. This aspect is also part of the understanding of male psychology!

How do I know when I’m meeting a good man for me?

The gestures of men in love are difficult to decipher in advance, but certain behaviors are immediately clear.

Here are the three questions that will help you know if this man is the right one:

1 / Am I happy?

The first question you should ask yourself when considering your new relationship is simply, “Are you happy?” “.

Here are the different scenarios:

  • The answer is yes and all is well in your life… What are you doing on my site then? 
  • The answer is yes, but are you afraid of losing it? So you will have to focus your work on the need to find a balance in your daily life (personal, professional, family and friendly life).
  • If the answer is mixed or completely negative then the goal is to take a step back and ask yourself “What do you need to be happy?” “.

Maybe it’s the right time to change your habits and give yourself every chance of success by taking advantage of one of the solutions that I suggest and which will be adapted to your situation?

2 / Am I natural?

The second question you absolutely have to ask yourself to find out if this man is really the right one for you is simply “Am I really natural in this story?” “.

This natural side is an absolute need to build a stable and above all lasting relationship. You must learn to accept your faults, to be in total confidence in front of this man who shares your life and to take initiatives.

To be natural, you have to aim for a beautiful bond and not hesitate to share your daily life with him through your dreams, your professional ambition, your hobbies, and everything that makes you unique.

Daily seduction is learning to show off to differentiate yourself from millions of other women and simply show him why you and not another?

3 / Am I active?

For a relationship to be stable, both partners must invest and seek their happiness both personal but also common. This is why I will always tell you “Don’t get into a rickety story” otherwise you risk suffering as you hope the relationship becomes fulfilling without having positive signs from your partner.

So to know if it’s really the right one, it is necessary to ask yourself, do you manage to let go completely in order to be active and to make decisions?

The main objective is to avoid the “one-sided” relationship and meet the needs of male psychology to prevent the man from having the feeling of carrying the couple on his own.

It is with these three criteria that you will be able to make sure that this man is the right one and especially that this relationship will bring you the best, including in the future.

The more you maintain a balance and a beautiful personal confidence, the more your partner will be delighted to have you by his side!