How to find a good man

Ah if only love could be simple.

It would be wonderful to find the right person there right away at the baker’s or the florist’s! He would give us flowers and we would invite him to drink the coffee and ”  they ended up happy and had many children  .” Yes but no!

At 12, we dreamed of Nicky Larson;

At 15 by Johnny Depp in “21 Jump Street”;

And now in our thirties we do not really know what we want in view of our many failures;

Life plays with us and puts us in the wheel! 

Of course, it’s complicated to sort through the cases, the petticoats and those with whom you are the best friend; but we do not despair and we keep the faith!

Yes, we know that there are singles everywhere, whether in the back office, at Clémentine’s party, during the little one’s basketball class on Saturday morning (the coach is not bad, it must be said! ).

Afterwards, we can also wonder if at our age being alone is “normal” … 

”  Yes, yes, but you’re celibate, aren’t you? What is your problem then? You just have to go down a notch to earth: the perfect man is dead. 

But the GOOD guy, he’s there, he blossoms in several million copies. 

It gains can not be thousands of euros and not living in the 16 th but it is funny, caring, and want your happiness. 

You just have to open your eyes and KNOW HOW to open them!  “

I will try to help you by giving you the mistakes to avoid and the behaviors to have to give yourself more chances of meeting a good guy.


Rule number 1: You will not jump on the first comer!

A guy in the evening: handsome, nice, offers a drink, and specifies being single.

Suddenly, neither one nor two, we decreed that…. Blablablalblabla I’m not going to give you the topo but we are just going to tackle a feeling of a pure foreigner who only wanted to have a good time but certainly not to have the ring put on his finger after the first Mojito.

We want to be in love, the first one that corresponds a little to our criteria will do.

So how to do it 

How do I fall in love and finally be happy?

A lot of couples are formed during a party, why shouldn’t I be?

When you seek at all costs to meet a man who will make a difference in your life, you position yourself psychologically in a situation of both failure (unconsciously we know that you have to settle down because the clock is ticking) and demand.

And when we ask, we put ourselves in a situation of dependence on someone else who has too much power over us.

Actively seeking is above all revising your criteria downwards (it’s like when you come back from an over-watered afterwork and you’re starving, you’re going to throw yourself on an old piece of cheese that you would never have eaten normally).

Girls know that the man who will offer you happiness will not have to be asked.

It will come to you without you having to overdo it.

Bring it to you and let it do the rest.

If it does not come, nothing will change, no need to devalue yourself to be noticed.


Rule number 2: A good guy behaves well!

How do we know if Jean took us to sleep under the stars because it’s an incorrigible romantic or to save the hotel?

When you start a story, you don’t know anything about the other, and it’s hard to sort things out.

We remain a human being, and worse, a human being in love.

We tend to hide our face because we are afraid of not facing the truth and losing our darling.

It’s easier to lie and hide because you’re in love and ultimately everything is fine.

But there is no worse blind man than the one who does not want to see!


Rule number 3: A good guy gives of his time!

We are no longer old enough to wonder, whether or not we will go to the pan the first night. 

You may also want to leave for a few days, because it’s good to wait. What no correct guy would dare to take offense to. No more from the fact that we choose from the first night to make fun, for that matter. We are in control of this.

Once you fall in love, the game is far from won.

We would tend to let ourselves be carried away by what he tells us, but no, you have to keep a cool head.

If the fop comes to declare his love for you after a few hours, it is not normal. 

On the other hand, if he tells you that it will be difficult for him to free himself in the month, distrust will be in order, he may still have a girlfriend hidden under his sheets.

You know what they say: there is no love, but proofs of love. 

And, even if like all the girls in the world you want him to deliver you a box of heart-shaped macaroons at the office, you know that ultimately the text ”  Thank you for this wonderful evening ” is more appropriate, and therefore promising.

We stop thinking for him and put ourselves in his shoes: we let things happen.

All that to tell you that you have to open your eyes and stop drowning in your own dreams. You will not come across a man when you leave your home, you will choose him even unconsciously.

Realizing this will avoid reliving the same stories over and over again and repeating the same patterns over and over again.

Unfortunately to find the right one you have to go through guys who don’t respect people, who are unpredictable, who escape, who make people suffer and who make you want to end it because it’s so much more exciting than those who come home. every evening.

We all need to put ourselves in danger and confront our fantasies before choosing reality.

It takes time for a woman to give up her ideals to appreciate a man anchored in reality, to choose a companion for who he is and not for what we would like him to be.


But then, when you live your celibacy badly, you look blindly and you take because you’re hungry for love. 

What do we attract? 

Men who feel bad about themselves, dragging the worst problems behind them.

Like the guy who just got out of a relationship he hasn’t gotten to grips with and needs a woman to fill the other’s gap.

It could also be a married man who no longer finds what he is looking for at home.

If you decide to stop your quest for perfect love, you will significantly increase your chances of meeting someone good.  

Because a man at peace with his demons is a man at ease.

But to meet this type of person you also have to silence your own mistaken fantasies about love.

I’ve talked a bit about the Law of Attraction, which teaches us that we receive what we reflect.


Before being happy with someone, you have to be happy with yourself. 

And to get there, you have to dedicate yourself above all to your own well-being. 

to resolve your own romantic neuroses. 

The solution is in you!