Why are we always attracted to toxic men?

Have you never noticed that we systematically – or at least often – fall under the spell of guys who don’t suit us?

And it’s a vicious cycle because relationships follow each other and all end in failure.

Do you feel like you’re going in circles in love?

We all think we know what’s right for us.

And yet, we are often drawn to people who are not necessarily the ones who are able to make us happy.

We are quickly dazzled by certain aspects of a personality.

We expect a lot from this new meeting and then we end up being disappointed. It’s almost systematic.

Our mistake is often to forget to think about our basic needs at the beginning of the relationship or even before it begins.

We are told that women do not know what they want? It’s fair enough!

A woman always starts not knowing first what she doesn’t want or doesn’t want anymore, depending on:

– His past experiences;

– What can be expected from her within her family;

– His ideas and convictions (rightly or wrongly, for that matter);


So the real journey of a woman is: 

– Learn to respect yourself;

– Take the time to know what she does not want or more, even before asking herself the question more precisely of what she wants.

This is the reason why we often launch headlong into a new relationship.

We often let ourselves be a little too carried away by our first attraction. Whereas if we had really thought about it and realized what is good for us, we wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to the same people.


I did my little introspection and realized that I love to be seduced by unstable guys.

So the guys I fall in love with are the ones who:


Perfectly master the game of seduction. Budding Casanovas.

The trouble with seducers is that in the end, we are seduced…!

This is where the trouble starts … especially when you have absolutely nothing in common or you come across a *** (a mix of the 2 is also possible).

On the other hand, the good guy, with whom I have a lot in common and for whom being with me is obvious, doesn’t stand a chance.

If he manages to seduce me enough for us to go out together, he is too in love to continue the game of seduction. I then have the feeling of completely dominating the relationship and loses interest in it very quickly.


Are incapable of projecting themselves into a relationship.

– The flayed alive;

– Those who mull over their past: me, my ex, me, my ex, my ex, and me… ”  Can you talk about anything other than your ex ??? “  ;

– The paranoid: convinced that you will make them suffer;

– The lost…;

I attract them and they attract me!

And yet I know that trying to build with them is just a waste of time!

Because at the last I heard I am neither a shrink, nor a nurse, nor Mother Teresa, nor maso …

And the worst part is that they don’t even make me happy.

So why am I diving headlong?

WHY? Same scenario every time!

We will, therefore, try to take our lives and our destiny back in hand!

st step: Know what I want, what is good for me, respect me and have respect for each other.

I know very well that the road will be laborious and tedious.

But getting to know me better and respecting me can only benefit me.

And by dint of respecting myself, I will ask “unconsciously” of course, that I be respected.

That we respect my choices and my desires.

That I don’t have to be in seduction all the time to be sure to attract her.

nd step: End the unsatisfying relationship.

So obviously it will not be easy, let’s not hide our face!

You will end, undoubtedly with great difficulty, your co-dependent relationship. So will follow tears, suffering, the desire to reconnect with this famous guy …

But eventually, you will understand how your background and needs have conditioned you to be drawn to these unhealthy relationships.

rd step: To counter your tendency to fall in love with people that do not suit you at all.

And over time, by dint of willpower, you will deliberately stop falling for people who offer you unsatisfying or destructive relationships, even if they continue to captivate you.

You will undergo such an inner transformation that you will no longer be attracted to people who offer you unhealthy relationships.

In fact, these people might even inspire you with revulsion. It is the objective!

th step: Try to be attracted to someone who suits you and falls in love with.

You will make a deliberate effort to connect with the people who are best for you and who are ready to commit to a truly fulfilling relationship.

You will eventually discern, in your background and your needs, the reasons for this choice.

You will undergo other interior transformations that will allow you to find new criteria of seduction and will make you ready, willing and able to form a fulfilling romantic relationship.

You will then also let your nature, your sensitivity, your personality and your charm speak.

Once you’ve said that, how do you find the right man for you?

To build a relationship that thrives us lovingly, it is essential that the person chosen agrees with who we are and what we want:

– Have a clear idea of ​​what makes us happy in love, in the long term;

– Be clear about what “you no longer want” in a relationship;

– Think about what is good for you and sort out your good and bad demands;

For this, you have to succeed in balancing your different requirements, your physical or intellectual attractions, your values.

– You better understand “who you are” in love;

– You then better understand some past mistakes;

– And you understand that you can better manage your love life;

The choice of a partner is the most important choice and yet…! We so often forget to ask ourselves to be clear about our attractions.


We often link love and suffering.

They don’t have to be tied.

Love must be rich in joys, beautiful surprises and discoveries.

He must make us grow.

Suffering is of no use other than making us lose our taste for life and

… of love.