How to regain self-confidence in love?

Impossible to seduce without self-confidence.

How do you feel attractive when you are paralyzed by fear?

And above all, how to attract a man while being paralyzed by fear?

It is impossible to grow emotionally if you are constantly afraid of being rejected. Because these fears dominate us. Betray us. in our behavior, in our words.

And the longer it lasts, the more our fears multiply and our insecurity increases.

Our failures, our history, if they are not resolved, disfigure the image that we project.

If you don’t believe it, neither will he. This is called the “mirror effect”.

So after some research, here are some tips to regain your self-confidence:



Taking care of yourself is learning to love yourself, as you are, in perpetual transformation (inherent in the fact that we are alive) and not as you would like to be or as you believe the world would like us to be. Taking care of yourself is learning to become yourself, in a dynamic balance between inner freedom and social constraint.

Make yourself beautiful!

The way you dress affects how you view yourself. So it will change the way you interact with others and the impression you get.

Adopt good posture

Stand up straight, raise your head, smile, and look people in the eye.

Play sports

If you are in good shape, it will have a very positive impact on your energy level and your confidence.



Speak slowly

An easy and very effective trick to both sounding out and feeling more confident is to speak slowly. A person who has authority and who is confident speaks slowly. She takes the time to think about what to say and is not afraid of being interrupted.


You will immediately appear as someone more confident in the eyes of others if you smile.

Be curious 

Take an interest in the people around you. Focus on what she has to say. Ask him questions. The conversation becomes easier and less stressful for you and you will immediately appear to him as someone more intelligent and interesting.

Do not shy away from view!

As soon as someone looks at you frankly, you either lower your eyes or turn your head away. Stop avoiding the gaze of the other! Communication is not just about talking! Expressions, both yours and those of the other person, are important. Of course, don’t go overboard and stare at each other all the time.

Compliment others

When you think negatively about yourself, you often project that judgment onto others through criticism. To break this cycle of negativity, you can make a habit of giving compliments. Everyone loves compliments, so it will make you better liked. Additionally, as you strive to see the best in others, you will also become quicker to see the best in yourself.



Listen and control your inner dialogue

It is very important to learn to use your inner dialogue and to do something positive with it so that it works in your favor and not against you.

Think positively

More often than not, our lack of confidence comes from the fact that we systematically envision the worst. The more you think in this way, the more your self-confidence decreases and the more what you dread is likely to happen.

On the contrary, allow yourself to think in a positive way, do not hesitate to continue until it seems almost real to you.

I am the best!

Use the Coué method! Repeat to yourself ”  I can do it  ” or ”  I am the best  “! Okay, positive thinking gives random results to say the least! But it costs nothing and can pay off. Because sometimes all it takes is a little push to get through to the winning side!

Assert yourself!

Of course, speaking loudly is not necessarily a sign of self-confidence … but it helps to assert yourself. And it’s certainly more effective than whispering with your hand in front of your mouth!


You cannot expect the other to always be perfect, because in fact, what is perfection? A completely subjective notion. That everyone can define at their convenience. Moreover, you cannot expect all the attributes of one and the same person to exactly match your idea of ​​perfection. ”  Perfection surrounds us, we just have to decide to observe the world from a new  perspective.”

The imperfections of others complement our own imperfections. We often realize this when we learn to admit and love our own faults.


Face your fears and try new experiences

Confronting your fears directly is arguably the most effective way to build lasting self-confidence.

Recycle your fear 

You experience an almost panic fear in new situations. Don’t spend all your energy and thoughts trying to cover up your nervousness. Instead, try to transform it into actions: speak, go to others …

Take the plunge!

Do not hesitate to discover new environments and to make new experiences. Little by little you will be able to adapt to new contexts in no time!


Don’t choose unreal goals

Is your lack of self-confidence coming from a constant feeling of failure? Stop setting or accepting unattainable goals! One of the keys to self-confidence is realism: you need to know your abilities and especially your limits! Optionally, segment your goal into small, intermediate steps. Getting through these small steps will help you achieve your goals, as long as you stay within reason.


Always to avoid these failures, you must know your mistakes! Evaluate precisely the reasons for your past failures, both professional and private. By avoiding repeating old mistakes, you can only improve …

Expand your comfort zone

The comfort zone is where you are at. No stress, no fear, you are confident. The thing is, when you leave your comfort zone, you find yourself in an area where stress and fear resurface. You face new things and you lose your self-confidence. To regain self-confidence, you need to expand this new comfort zone by going little by little and doing things that you have never done before.

Take your responsibilities 

Become an actor in your life, what happens in your life depends only on you, do not let external events decide for you.

Don’t put the blame on others, you are in complete control of your life. In most cases, what happens to you is your responsibility. It is you who have chosen the job that does not allow you to flourish, and you have chosen to be single… It is neither fate, nor the neighbor below.


Having self-confidence is also knowing how to manage setbacks. Failure is normal. This should not lead to a lack of self-confidence. Everyone fails one day or another, the important thing is that it is seen as a lesson in life.

It is important to learn from your mistakes. You have to analyze your mistakes cold without taking into account the emotional side.

Don’t mourn your failure, but analyze it.

Failure as a couple? Were you too nice from the start?

The next relationship you will be more suspicious and much less kind to begin with. It is always important to think in a positive way and especially not to stop on a failure. Well done for the experience you got from this moment, after analysis, you will know things that people do not necessarily know.

Whoever says “experience”, even bad, with analysis, says “increase in your confidence”. Now start again smarter.


Conscious autosuggestion (Coué method) 

This method is a form of autosuggestion which is supposed to involve the subject’s adhesion to the positive ideas that he imposes on himself and thus psychological or physical well-being.

It is possible to favorably influence our unconscious being by suggestion, and in this way, to improve our physical as well as moral state. The consciously guided imagination helps condition our unconscious, and thus tip the scales in the right direction.

Mr. Coué’s key phrase is: ”  Every day, from all points of view, I’m getting better and better  “. Repeat this phrase 20 times when you wake up and 20 times before bed, for 21 days in a row. The goal is to introduce the idea of ​​daily improvement into your subconscious.

Accept your flaws and own them

Each has its own flaws and it is sometimes difficult or even impossible to remove them. We can objectively be very small, very tall, ugly, or even with very deep-rooted personality traits that are perceived as bad.

But you know what? your flaws are your charm!

” Believe in yourself 

and there will come a day when the others 

will have no other choice but to believe with you “

Cherry Blossom