5 signs you’re meant to be together

Falling deeply in love is one of the most magical experiences of our life.

Questions arise when you meet someone new: to stay or not to stay?

Is this the right person or not? Are we compatible? 

You don’t always know if you’re right for each other.

Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a step back and opening your heart to what’s in front of you.

Here are 5 signs that may indicate you’re meant to be together:

1. You can be vulnerable

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you are living authentically. You are starting to be true. It is good to accept your faults and those of others. It is in this vulnerability that true love flourishes. If you can share and open your heart without being criticized, that’s a great sign.

“What happens when people open their hearts? They are improving. ~ Haruki Murakami

2. You respect yourself

Mutual appreciation requires mature respect. Respect requires honesty. The truest form of love is how you relate to each other in a relationship. In this form of respect, you start to share things that you wouldn’t say to anyone. When you are in a relationship that provides security, you have found your partner.

“The day you put someone on a pedestal, they’ll look down on you. The trick is to respect each other. ~ Teresa Mummert

3. You are not jealous

You want to spend time together, but it also requires a lot of space. There is no jealousy in the relationship. There is no tension with past insecurities because you are comfortable with and without yourself all the time. You each spend time with your friends. Every time you reconnect, it’s rewarding. 

There is no codependency or possessiveness. You aspire to be together, but having freedom of speech and separate interests is important.

4. You laugh together

Joy comes naturally. You two are having fun. Laughter is always present in your relationship. Often, this type of relationship begins with friendship. You like yourself enough to be genuine. It’s clean. If you can laugh at yourself, with your partner, without restraining the sarcasm, you have something very special. These relationships are meant to be easy.

“No one can be your sun, moon or stars until you have your own world. ~ KMDocherty

5. You grow up together

You become the best versions of yourself because of each other. You become explorers and adventurers by finding ways to bring joy to yourself. You accept everything without feeling judged. It is in this type of relationship that you can improve yourself. If your relationship is based on admiration and inspiration, you have found a gem in your life.

There is no manual for relationships, but these signs will get you started. Your heart will let you know when you find the right fit. 

As psychologist Carl Jung said: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemicals: if there is a reaction, the two are transformed”.