Being husband or wife is not enough, you really have to be a team

Behind a great man, there is always a great woman. Behind a great woman, there is always a great man. 

Either way, the best condition for growing in life isn’t just about being in the right place at the right time, we have to be with the right person by our side. The right person on our side makes all the difference.

The true companion is the one who takes the time to speak and the time to be silent, who accepts to be our support, advises us in case of doubt, reassures us in case of anxiety, and reprimands us when the situation demands it. 

Being a husband or wife is not enough, you have to be a team, you have to know how to speak and above all listen, think together to grow together.

Unfortunately, I think most couples don’t think about it before they get married or commit, they don’t think they’ll need a partner for the rest of their lives.

They are usually focused on passion and love, and not always on camaraderie. Many will tell me that camaraderie is intrinsic to love. Camaraderie is the gift some people have to give with everything they have and what they are. 

It is the gift of giving, of abdicating, of accompanying the other. All friendship is not linked to passion-love, and not all passion-love is a companion. One thing exists without the other.

Some loves without love can last a lifetime, but with damage on both sides. Some partners will never be in passionate love, but they can also have a lifelong relationship. This does not mean, however, that there can be a friendship without love.

I am not talking about passionate love, I am talking about supportive love, the greatest love that exists between parents and children, between brothers, family, even between friends. 

In short, for there to be friendship between two beings, there must be love between them.

Growing up always requires sacrifices. 

And a true companion can give up some of his plans, his dreams, whatever is needed for the other to grow up, and as he grows up a companion does not forget the other, he always supports him and faces things with.

The gift is not always bilateral, there is the one-sided companionship, which is when only one of the two people in the relationship, has accepted the condition of giving without receiving.

When a partner of both partners gives up all their dreams for the other, it comes true through the other’s accomplishments. This is the case with extremely prosperous people who have a spouse at home who is devoted only to household maintenance, who live for the comfort of their partner and their children. I don’t want to generalize.

A housewife or man is not always in a team dynamic. Some do housework and have a wife or husband who allows them to devote themselves to the home and the children and to be a supportive partner.

However, there is a large part of the things that this person would like that does not come true, on the contrary, he can be extremely frustrated, but does not even dare to talk about it, because his partner needs a companion to home to provide the necessary support.

There are those who, although they have never thought of being men or women at home, fully fulfill this role because they create very strong bonds of friendship with their partner and want to grow together, even if they somehow sacrifice themselves.

After all, there is no growth without sacrifice. And this sacrifice is specific to those who know how to be partners who support the other at the right time.