Happy couples talk less about their relationship on social media

Happy couples tend not to expose their happiness on social media

The happiest and most fulfilled people in their lives are the ones who spend the least amount of time trying to show off their happiness on social media or elsewhere. They prefer to focus on the moments because they know they are precious and they will never come back.

Social networks are part of our life. 

Posting a picture of what we do or observing the lives of others through their posts is a common, if not normal, habit. We feel accepted when we interact with our virtual friends. However, as we deepen this habit, we realize that our longing for validation can be triggered by an inner feeling of insecurity and low self-esteem.

Often the photos we post – and see – don’t represent reality. No one is happy all the time. 

Many of these posts are strategically designed to show a reality that is enjoyable but not always true. We want to look happy all the time. In this context, it seems that spontaneity is more and more distant from us and if this lasts for a long time we risk forgetting who we really are.

The most fulfilled people in their lives spend less time wanting to show off their happiness on social media or elsewhere.

They prefer to focus on the moment because they know they are precious and never come back, and that living is so much more important than showing. This goes for singles and those who are in a relationship.

Many couples enjoy sharing photos and videos of their moments together, often even using those feelings to become famous on the net.

Many people, looking at the posts of these couples, imagine that their relationship is perfect and that they will never be able to achieve the same level of happiness. What they don’t realize is that this is just a facade, a way to hide all the dissatisfactions and imperfections present in all human relationships.

Truly happy people don’t seek to expose themselves in public, they appreciate life in all its simplicity and purity.

Whatever the reason for the show, it never brings the desired results. Happiness, shared love or validation is not real when we have to show it to everyone, this happiness manifests when we focus only on life, not the show.

Remember this whenever you realize that someone is writing too much about their great luck in finding true love. True love is lived, not commented on.

There is nothing wrong with showing your love for the person through social media, but it should be done with balance and common sense. Love and moments together should always come first. When the urge to show becomes greater, there is a problem.

The happy couples are those who live incredible moments together without the need to show the world, as the company of the other enough. 

What will stay in your memory and in your heart will always be bigger than any audience social media can offer.

Happy couples thrive in reality and with inventions. Keep this in your heart and enjoy your relationship to the fullest!