4 steps to help you find your life partner

Do you know what a life partner is?

The term may sound logical, but let me take stock. I prefer this term to a soul mate. While the two terms can sometimes be used interchangeably, a soul mate usually conjures up images of Hollywood princes complementing the boring lives of superficial princesses whose existence in Disney means waiting for their prince to come and make them happy forever.

A life partner is a companion, friend, and lover with whom you want to share your life.

I’m not saying this will necessarily last your entire life. The media and society tell us that we have to find someone, and stick with them for life. For some, it works. (You know, those people who meet at school, get married young, and have happy marriages that last for decades.)

But often the fate of life partners is to stay together for a few years. Then the situation changes and the relationship is no longer mutually beneficial.

In reality, a life partner is a compatible partner that one connects with deeply, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, for a while.

So here are 4 steps to help you find your life partner:

End your current relationship if necessary.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is driving you crazy in some way, go away as soon as you can. As long as you stay with an incompatible partner, you won’t be able to be open or available to meet a potential life partner.

I know it’s hard, I’ve been through this situation myself. But no matter how stimulating your conversations are, you feel when a partnership is no longer viable.

Feed your soul.

First, you need to find a home and a job. If you live with your parents or your ex, find something for yourself. When you have your own space, you can begin to take steps to feel complete and fulfilled. Take an art or cooking class, read, do yoga more regularly, learn a new language… whatever you do, do whatever nourishes your soul. Even move to another city if necessary, or to another country if that inspires you.

Determine what kind of person you want.

It is very important to get to know yourself, to explore every nook and cranny of your personality, and to identify exactly the type of life partner you are looking for. Write a list to describe this person’s traits. What should be its qualities? What will you not ignore?

Give up the search.

Grant yourself the peace, joy, and abundance that is your true nature. Be grateful for what you have and who you are. And one of these days, sooner or later, you will meet your wonderful life partner.

We all want and deserve happiness, but our happiness cannot depend on our relationship.

With persistence and a little luck, you will eventually find a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with your life partner.