Stop fighting for him to notice you at all costs

Stop fighting for his attention. Stop posting pictures in the hope that he realizes how attractive you are. Stop forcing conversations and hoping he sees how funny you are. Stop giving her too much affection when the feelings aren’t mutual.

You don’t have to find yourself in a one-sided relationship where you’re stuck doing all the work. You are not meant to convince someone of your worth. Whoever is the right partner for you will see how beautiful, strong, and intelligent you are from the start, without you having to prove them. He will know that you are someone special. He will see it all for himself.

Stop changing your schedule when he mentions he’s free that night. Stop sending the first message every time and compliment it by reminding it every day how perfect it is in your eyes. Stop telling him everything about you when he isn’t doing the same.

Always stop taking the first step to ask him out. Stop liking their photos and leaving comments under their statuses.

Earning his attention isn’t supposed to be that hard.

If he wanted you as much as you want then it would be felt and seen. Because of this, you wouldn’t have to plan conversations in advance. You also wouldn’t have to look at your phone every night, wondering if it’s too early to send him one back when he didn’t answer you the first time. He would also make an effort.

Once you find the right person, everything will be different. He will send you a message as soon as he wakes up. He will return your compliments to you. He will plan all kinds of dates to please you.

Even when he’s out having fun with friends or otherwise distracted, he’ll be thinking about you. You will always be on his mind. He will always take care of you.

If you have to fight to get someone’s attention then your best bet would be to drop them, or at least stop sending the first message and see what happens, if they’re paying attention. to you when you are not paying attention to him.

When he doesn’t contact you, you’ll realize how much you mean to him. You’ll see how long it can go without talking to you, while you keep looking at your phone to see if it has texted you. You will have proof that you were always the only one of the two who loved.

Remember that you should never have to struggle for love, respect, or attention.

Your true soul mate will give you all of these things without you having to strain.