20 things to expect if you’re dating a strong woman

Strong women will make every effort to be able to live the life they dream of. With great determination, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. They live authentically, that’s what makes them character.

Thus, they are often portrayed as independent women who do not need anyone to be happy. And while this is true on some level, they want to find a relationship that compliments how far they’ve come to date.

Don’t be fooled by their hard shell, strong women are capable of loving deeply and fully and want a lasting and genuine relationship in their lives. But they don’t want to compromise their ideals, goals, or ambitions. They sincerely believe that they can make their desires and their relationship coexist if they find the right person.


1. Strong women aren’t afraid to ask for what they want and need, so expect lots of communication with your partner.

2. They take care of themselves, so expect them to spend the time and money to feel good about themselves.

3. Strong women believe that everything has a solution, so expect them to look for solutions to every problem because usually, she won’t give up.

4. Strong women don’t feel like they need someone else in their life, they think they’re self-sufficient. Expect her not to want to need you at first, but she’ll come to terms with it over time.

5. These people are grateful for the abundance in their life, so expect to practice gratitude throughout your relationship.

6. Strong women usually focus on the positive and keep negativity away from their lives, so expect her to always find the positive even where you don’t see it.

7. Strong women have a strong personality, so expect to feel somewhat intimidated. It will take a while for her to show you her weaknesses.

8. Strong women fear being hurt and becoming too dependent, so expect it to take a lot of effort and patience to earn her love.

9. Strong women recharge their batteries away from others, so don’t expect her to always be available for you, she needs to have her moments alone.

10. Strong women surround themselves with other independent women and these relationships mean a lot to them. Expect her to devote time and energy to these relationships as well.

11. Strong women are always on the lookout for information, so expect her to question your feelings, the position of the relationship, and the direction it is taking.

12. Strong women are very clear about their goals and what they want to accomplish in life, so expect your partner to want your ambitions to be similar to theirs.

13. These people recognize when something is wrong and will immediately make the necessary changes to correct the situation. Expect action rather than an endless discussion that will lead to nothing.

14. Strong women have very few people in their inner circle, so expect them to take a long time to trust you.

15. These people have a strong sense of morality. Expect your values ​​to be challenged. She won’t want to continue the relationship if your values ​​don’t match hers.

16. Strong women are successful at doing a lot of the things that are important to them, so expect the activities and projects you do to have a purpose.

17. Strong women are on a mission. Expect this mission to have great significance in the relationship. Both will be of equal importance to her, but don’t make her choose.

18. Strong women like to have their independence. Expect her to have a hard time taking a step back and relinquishing some control. She will eventually accept it when the time is right, don’t worry.

19. These people are creative and open-minded, so expect them to share new ideas and potential changes with you often.

20. Strong women don’t waste their time dealing with other people’s dramas, so don’t try to speak badly to them about people, she won’t pay any attention to them.

Of course, a strong woman is more than the things listed above and the important thing is to expect a relationship, not a disagreement. Strong women rarely engage in a relationship that doesn’t serve them, so expect to be fully engaged.