Some relationships are too deep to forget

It is often said that it’s all about timing. People are gathered in certain places in their life, but they can also be separated. On the other hand, timing does not have a monopoly on the connection.

Connections between people can take place faster than expected. You meet a new person and a month or a week or even a few seconds later you know that everything you are going through is real.

We feel both nervous and extremely comfortable. You can have a very deep conversation, but you also joke about the most trivial things. You turn arguments into laughter.

You resume his little manners. You know how the person feels just by the intonation of their voice.

And it doesn’t matter how much time we spend with the person.

Even when it’s the end of the relationship, that connection never goes away.

The love you felt for that person is still there, it doesn’t go away. Obviously, you can have new experiences with new people, but that doesn’t change what you’ve been through with that person.

These relationships have a way of always being, they bring you together at different times in life. As soon as you speak on the phone you always recognize the intonation in her voice, she always ends up making you smile and comfort you.

As soon as you see each other, it’s like nothing has changed. You can pick up where you left off, with the same deep conversations and silly jokes. The bond between the two people is too strong to be severed.

No matter what happens and what direction you decide to take in life, remember these relationships.

Remember the times we spent together laughing until you cry. But also remember the times a little more difficult because it also proves to you that it was very real.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how quickly the relationship started or ended. Trust what you felt, the beautiful moments you shared, and let them give you hope. Maybe your relationship has ended, but nothing can break the bond between you.
You will always remain special to each other even though some things may change.