8 signs that he thinks about you all the time

Are you constantly in his head?

Want the confidence that your sweetheart has you on your mind all day long? Know that there are signs that do not lie. These are clues that will tell you that he only has eyes for you and that all of his attention is on you. Little pampering, gifts, sweet words, tenderness … in short, ten important points must be taken into account in order to know if your partner is really in love. It is time to put an end to the doubts, these few lines give you the details.

1.He sends SMS that makes you smile

A guy who takes the time to text you is a really caring person, although it can be routine. Moreover, when he sends these messages, he already has in mind your face illuminated by the smile. If he also tries to be funny in order to make you laugh, he really cares about you. Surely, he would never do that if he didn’t love your smile.

2.He often gives you gifts

He really likes surprising you, and to find that element of surprise in your expression, he will always bring you something when you get home. He can take a bar of chocolate, pretty flowers, or any other object that you have told him, telling him that you need it and that he has remembered. Sure, he is taking care of you all the time, and he wants to satisfy you in every way. However, it’s the attention that matters, not the surprise it gives you.

3.He listens to you

A guy who listens to his girlfriend is rare. But if yours is very attentive to everything you say, it is because he loves you and takes everything that concerns you seriously. In order to know that he paid attention to your conversation, he will follow up on that. For example, you may have told her that you are worried about having a business meeting. After the said meeting, you meet again, and there, he asks you immediately if everything went well. This is a sign that he really cares about you and everything you do.

4.He brings everything back to you

When your man passes in a shop and discovers an object like the one you bought together, without waiting, he sends you a few words by SMS just to tell you that he has found the same model of such and such an object that you have bought. Otherwise, he’ll take a picture of it, post it on social media, and tag you on the image. It proves that for him, every moment spent with you is unforgettable, and he gives them a very precious value.

5.He keeps writing to you

A man in love writes to you as soon as he wakes up, because the first thing he thinks of is you. He does the same before going to bed, because it’s your pretty face that helps him easily find Morpheus’s arms. You are sure to occupy these thoughts 24 hours a day.

6.He has a very good memory

The milestones in your relationship are not like many times for your partner. He remembers each of them and remembers all the important dates that made the history of your relationship. There is that of your meeting, your first date, the exchange of your phone numbers, your very first kiss, and so many others.

7.He warns you when he is going out

A man in love wants to let you know that you are still on his mind even if you are not together. He always writes to you when he says he is going somewhere without you, for example, when going to parties with his friends, when he goes on a business trip or when he is with his family. At such times, words like “I miss you” come to you over and over again, proof that he is thinking of you constantly.

8.The gifts he gives you dazzle you

Your man always gives you gifts, and not just any. His gifts are personalized for you. Once you unwrap them, you feel like what you give your partner really isn’t much compared to what they give you. He can easily guess what will make you happy, because he knows you very well, and he knows what you like the most.