7 reasons not to go out with your ex

There is a reason why you call him your ex!

Since your break-up, you keep thinking about him, and you feel deep inside yourself a great discomfort. A guy like him, you won’t find him anywhere else, that’s what you’ve come to mind ever since. So you get depressed, and you only know black days filled with sadness, regret and longing. Looking for reasons not to get back with him, but you can’t find any, here are ten.

1.He made you suffer

Above all, you must not forget the reasons for your separation. By his actions and his words, he made you suffer, and that is one of your worst memories. Think about it all before you dive back in, because you are sure to turn around.

2.He is not welcome for your family

It’s true that it’s your privacy, but the opinion of the family still matters. There must be a stable relationship between him and your loved ones or you are going to be caught between the two. One of these days there might be a conflict, and it will be your worst nightmare, you will be torn between your family and your boyfriend, and you will not know which side to take.

3.There is a reason if you broke up

There is always one or more valid reasons for breaking up. With a lack of memory, you tend to think only about the good times you had together and forget the real reasons that made you break up. Each time the urge to see him again resurfaces, think back to them.

4.monotony destroyed you

With him, you were suffocating because of the routine. You learned by heart what was going to happen in your day, what he was going to do and what you were going to do together. Nothing new was ever happening in your relationship. Is this really what you want to relive? Do you really want to immerse yourself in this monotonous married life? The choice is yours!

5.You have different aspirations

You’ve always wanted to start a family, have children, give yourself a nice home… But despite the years you’ve spent together, he doesn’t want to get involved in all of that yet. There is no point in insisting since he will not change anytime soon. It’s better to move on instead of trying to come to terms with this person who will not be able to meet your expectations.

6.With him, you played another character

You had been together for a long time, and during that time you weren’t yourself. To satisfy him, to please him and above all, not to upset him, you have calculated your words and gestures well for fear that he will misinterpret. If you can’t be yourself with this person, know that they are not the right partner yet. What is the point of returning with him if you play another character.

7.He is stingy

No gifts, no dinners at restaurants, no evenings at the cinema, no romantic weekends… He has never offered or offered you anything, why? Because he’s tight-fisted, it’s easier than that! With this behavior, he will never be able to offer you the life you dreamed of, instead of rebuilding your relationship, think about finding another guy who can fulfill you.