5 tips for getting out of an argument easily

Before the feud escalates, you can fight it off with flying colors!

All couples argue, but often they argue over next to nothing. However, the bickering gives more pep to the relationship, if you take into account the steamy reconciliations that follow the argument, wow! Follow these few tips to jump straight to the pacification stage.

1.What are we fighting for?

The exchanges are more and more stubborn. You attack it head-on, its aftershocks are quick to come, and you get angry all the more. Pause sequence: what is the reason for the quarrel? Did he leave you alone to go out with his friends for the first time in 8 months? Did he forget to flush the toilet before getting out of the toilet? Were her dirty socks on the living room coffee table? Ask yourself if it’s really worth making a big deal out of it if not, drop the argument, and set the stage for the armistice.

2. Make your own arguments

Are you arguing about a particular topic, and Monsieur seems to have all the answers? Maybe it’s a really na**ghty misunderstanding, and you missed a key point. Then repeat his own reasoning to him, and see if it sticks together. If so, a little “Ah, okay! Sorry! Would be welcome for a hug inducement.

3. A “coin flip” is required

If you can’t agree on the color of the bathroom and you stick to your own positions, why not play it to the “toss of the coin”? It is better to leave things to chance. The winner will not be glorified, and the loser will not be booed either! Afterwards, you can always hug each other to congratulate each other on getting out of the embarrassment.

4. find a third option

In case you each go on your own, find an expectation, some sort of third option. If the two of you stopped screaming a bit for just a minute, you will see that this mirror won’t go in the bathroom or the bedroom, but in the hallway where it will really make a splash as soon as you walk in. Okay ? You can now admire your reflections while making fun of this banal shouting match.

5.The inevitable laughter

The tone was raised, doors slammed. Now it’s radio silence. A small reference to a joke that only makes the two of you laugh can overcome this suffocation. If it doesn’t work the first time, why not try again and pretend he hasn’t heard. On the third attempt and still with the same joke, he will end up laughing, but at your stubbornness. But that’s already what winning, right?