7 signs he’s about to leave you

Watch for signs of the drop in time!

In the couple, there are days when everything goes wrong. Your days are getting more and more bizarre, and you find that your guy is different. So you have the impression that it will soon go into a spin. Here are the signs that you will be dumped soon!

1.His phone calls are rare

At the start of your relationship, your guy would call you every hour to hear from you or just to hear your beautiful voice because he misses you. This was the time when he was very much in love. Even though the routine set in, he kept calling you. But the days go by, and it starts to decrease little by little. Now that’s one call a day, no more. When you’re calling him, Monsieur doesn’t pick up, it looks like you’re disturbing him. If he answers, it is by accident, and the discussions are shorter and shorter, a simple monologue! Get ready, because the drop is on the horizon.

2.He no longer responds to your messages

You send him a little love message, a banality just to start a conversation or a little joke in order to make him laugh, Monsieur does not answer. Yet before, he’d text you relentlessly all day. You tell yourself that he is in an area that is not covered by the network, and you wait for hours in the hope of having a return, but nothing until the evening. A guy in love is always in a hurry to answer. This indicates that he is no longer interested, your story is actually already over for a long time.

3.You are no longer part of his social activities

You were always present at his outings with friends and family. You told yourself your relationship is on the right track, and you were over the moon. But as if by magic, you are excluded from all outings with his group of friends. But even worse, when he no longer brings you with him for Sunday lunches with his family. He’s hiding from you, the harbinger of a drop, so be careful!

4.He avoids you more and more

You’re used to cuddling when you wake up, and when he has an emergency at work, he lets you sleep by putting a little love note on his pillow, but those days are over! For some weeks now, he has been leaving before you without saying a word to you. In the evening, he comes home later and later using the pretext of long meetings at work or meetings with his friends. He even used the excuse of a flat tire on the road before. The worst thing about this situation is that you can’t communicate anymore, because Monsieur is never there. These are the obvious signs that he is about to leave you.

5.Future plans with you, that no longer interests him

Before, you love to talk about your future together, the number of children you will have, their first names, your marriage, the house you are going to buy … But now, Monsieur is reluctant to open up when it comes to your plans for the future. Otherwise, he stays very vague while avoiding making any promises to you because he knows full well that it’s just a matter of time before you finally pull out of his life.

6.He is no longer paying attention

You always used to tell your work stories and your girl stories in detail, and he listened to you. While at the moment, all that matters very little to him; The proof is that he no longer listens to you, and he never remembers what you said. These systematic blackouts are really starting to annoy you. It is certain that you are no longer the center of the world for him, and that you are no longer his priority.

7.He looks for arguments

For fear of upsetting, betraying, or hurting their girlfriends, many guys are unable to break up on their own and continually seek arguments for no good reason. They do this hoping that their girlfriends will be fed up with the situation sooner or later, and that they decide on their own to leave. If you are faced with this situation, know that you have been warned.