advice to win back your ex

Do you miss your ex and want to win him back? This is the reason why there are a few steps to take for the winback to work. If you consider your ex to be your soul mate and really want to reconnect with him or her, then follow our advice.

Take time

It is never easy to resurface in the life of an ex . After a breakup, people find it difficult to understand their emotions. For some people, this situation can even be overwhelming. Yet it is often just a matter of addiction. Indeed, the person feels unable to live alone, because he was in a state of dependence on his ex. And so she can mistake this feeling for love. To determine if it is really love, we will then have to take some distance and think. Before contacting your ex again, give yourself time to regain a taste for life: go out, party!

Try radio silence

Even if you itch to text your ex begging him, fight the urge and leave it aside for a while. Take advantage of the period of radio silence to analyze the reasons for your break-up as well as everything that was not working within your relationship. Also use this time to analyze yourself: what are your bad behaviors and habits that could have led to the breakup? It is not enough to note, it will also be necessary to arm yourself with courage to change thereafter.

Slowly reconnect with your ex

Once you have worked on yourself and your little flaws, you can take the first step by reconnecting with your ex. Although some are happy with a simple text message, the ideal would be to write a disturbing letter. It shouldn’t be longer than one page and shouldn’t contain phrases like “I love you”, “I miss you”. Of course, don’t expect your attempt to succeed with a simple letter. If you get a response, you will need to redouble your efforts.

Redeem again

If you’ve written a letter that’s romantic enough, you can expect your ex to get back to you. To start, exchange regularly by considering your ex as your best friend. During the first few discussions, have the right attitude: be natural, have the right tone of voice and use the right words. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you have to recreate an atmosphere of trust and complicity.

Take it one step at a time, depending on how your ex is reacting. And when you feel like you’re ready to start your story over, you can show little signs of love. Take it gradually and build a

However, if the tips don’t work, maybe we should consider that winning back wasn’t a good idea. In this case, accept the reality and move on.