This is how to recognize your soul mate?

There she is, she has entered your life – the perfect person! But is this a serious encounter? Are you sure you have got your hands on the man or woman who will know how to satisfy you on all levels, who will ensure that no piece is missing on the vast puzzle of existence? In other words: will you be able to recognize that this is your soul mate, the one with whom you will spend happy days?

Knowing how to recognize your soul mate

There is something legendary about the soul mate, something inaccessible. We hear about her through others – such a friend who has found the perfect man, such a member of her family who is getting married to the woman of her dreams. But you, you continue to wait for her, without being able to be sure that she will cross your path.

And there, suddenly, without warning, there she is, there she is, this person. The accumulation of futile encounters has finally given way to the famous serious meeting that everyone is talking about. But will you be able to recognize it? Will you be able to identify in this person the long-awaited soul mate? To be sure, you are going to have to ask yourself the right questions.

Do you feel “complete”?

The presence of the soul mate offers a feeling of completeness, of totality. She is inspiring and gives the strength to take all the blows of fate. It is, therefore, different from a serious meeting with a “simple” life partner, who will be of great support throughout the years, with whom you can build a relationship between trust, affection and respect, but who cannot enrich you in the same way.

However, to be two, really two, is to build a protective bubble between you and the rest of the world. It’s locking you up in a secret basement filled with a thousand wonders, while outside, the storm is brewing. It is to be sure that, whatever the violence of reality, you will be protected from it simply by being together.

It is common, when meeting your soul mate, to be won by the feeling that you have already known each other for a long time. Some evoke past lives; others prefer to see it as an expression of wholeness. The totality is only accessible when the three temporalities (past, present, future) are united in one, this is the reason why a serious meeting gives you the impression of being only the repetition of a meeting. former.

How did you feel the day you met?

Literature is full of extraordinary encounters. Remember the first glance exchanged between Anna Karenina and Vronsky in Tolstoy’s novel. Reread the meeting between Mavrodin and Ileana in Wedding in Paradise by Mircea Eliade. A serious meeting, “the” meeting, is the moment when one understands that one cannot escape the consuming influence of the other. We know it immediately, we feel it deep within ourselves.

However, you do not need to have crossed the eyes of your loved one in extraordinary circumstances. Even through a specialized website, the serious meeting with your soul mate is a form of certainty which envelops you, which embraces you, which prevents you from breathing. Even without knowing exactly what is going on, you know it .

The meeting is then destabilizing. It shows a different connection, more intense, and at the same time softer, compared to all the other meetings. No matter the place, the circumstances, or the miles that separate you. Physically, by phone or by tapping on a keyboard, it is your intuition that tells you that you have had the most beautiful serious encounter of your life.

And what if you have nothing very trivial to tell your friends or your children about this first moment, since it is magic for you? Telling the soul mate would be like trying to make your interlocutor experience a mystical connection with a higher power: words cannot measure up.

How do you feel with your loved one?

This serious encounter with a soul mate changes you forever. You no longer react in the same way to the same circumstances: in the past, you would not have felt anything in particular if you left the other for a few days; today, this single idea anguishes you, you cry about it, you must do violence to yourself. In the old days you didn’t think about marriage , it didn’t make sense; today, you cannot imagine living otherwise than by bonding for good to your soul mate.

But there is also an element of inspiration, or stimulation. The entry of such an important being into your life reminds you of what you once were, or what you never were, but were destined to become. Your imagination has developed, as has your curiosity, or your talent for playing such and such an instrument. You want to create. You feel full of energy, dynamic. You feel… alive.

Do you recognize yourself in the answers to these three questions? Does everything you read speak to you? It is quite possible that you have found a soul mate, for good …