10 fun things to do as a couple in the rain

It’s finally the weekend and you have lots of good plans planned with your partner. Except everything seems to be ruined when it starts to rain. Do not panic! It is still possible to have fun as a couple and do activities together, even in rainy weather. Follow our suggestions and enjoy your weekend …


There are plenty of things you can do in your home when it rains. Some people are afraid to stay locked in an apartment as a couple, but this is not true. It is of course possible to have a good time together. Here’s how:

Watch a movie or TV series

Prepare popcorn, a TV tray with appetizer cakes. cakes and ice cream. Choose a movie that you like together. There are plenty of romantic movies out there for couples, so that shouldn’t be a problem. If you can’t find one that both appeals to you, pick one each.

Cooking a romantic meal as a couple

Do you have the day ahead of you because of the rain outside? Stay at home and cook a romantic candle light dinner with your partner. Choose recipes that appeal to you and that are sophisticated. (Pizza is not refined) and prepare them together. You should have a good time learning to cook together. Put some good background music in the background, and don’t forget to prepare decorations for the table either. Find our advice in our article on how to prepare a romantic dinner.

Do physical exercises together

In a couple, there is often one who loves strength training and the other who loves yoga. Why not share your passion together. Try to do your exercise session together and teach your man how to do yoga and your wife how to strengthen her abs…
Don’t be too demanding, but rather see these exercises as a moment of relaxation. And then sweating as a couple can be attractive, believe me!

Tidy up, clean, change the decor

I’m not sure if you’re going to agree that this is a fun activity to do in a rainy day, but it’s at least one that will make you happy when you’re done. Take advantage of the rain to make a big cleaning of your apartment or house. Put away, clean, polish. Also try to change the decor a bit. Why not change the place of the paintings or poster, change the position of the sofa, etc…
At the end of the day you will have a brand new apartment and you will feel like living in another place!

Board games for couples?

Not everyone likes board games, but almost everyone enjoys playing cards. There are also games for couples with questions to get to know each other. My favorite is the game “In love” which offers lots of questions to discover a new side of your partner and discover secrets that he has always hidden from you!


If the thought of being locked up all day with your man or woman scares you too much, it’s always possible to get out of your house and go somewhere. Here’s something to give you ideas.

To go to the museum

I can already hear you telling me that museums are not your thing. But there are different types of museums. Not all of them are boring as you might imagine. And then going there as a couple will make the experience much better. You can try a modern art museum which is often fun, or a science museum, pipe museum, etc… There is bound to be a museum near you!

Go to cinema

It’s the same advice as watching a movie at home, except that you’re in a movie theater and you’re not the one making the popcorn. The advantage of a cinema is that the film will be of much better quality than on your TV and that the laughter is communicative. If the audience around you laughs, you’ll laugh too. And then in a movie theater, it’s always possible to kiss in the dark if the movie isn’t good!

Go to a concert

There are often weekend concerts in the big cities. Especially on Friday and Saturday evening. If you don’t have a big concert hall, you can surely try the bars of the city center where you will be able to discover a small group of musicians surely full of quality.

Go to a water park

Slides, wave, and bubble pools? How not to have fun with such an atmosphere. Put on your best swimsuit and bikini and spend a relaxing and fun day in a water park. Most have a large portion of their pools indoors so you won’t have to worry about rain and bad weather. If you have the means, you can even visit their spa section and share a moment together in the sauna or with a massage.