8 reasons why he didn’t ask for your number

He was handsome, you laughed the whole evening and felt that there was something that could happen. Some kind of connection. Except here it is: at the end of the evening he didn’t ask for your phone number . It takes your breath away, but here are some reasons that may have prompted him to do so.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending quality time with a man in the evening and see you leave without even asking your telephone number to contact you. As incomprehensible as it may seem, there is a good reason why he decided not to pursue this flirtation.

  1. He has no cell phone . They are not much, but believe me there are still plenty of man (and woman) who decide not to have a mobile phone. Maybe is it a good thing in the end he is not asked you not number?
  2. He already has a girlfriend and just wanted to have fun with you for a few hours, but does not cheat on his girlfriend. Good for them.
  3. He was too nervous, shy. You’ve probably pulled out all the stops and wowed him. But maybe too much, and when he left he panicked and couldn’t ask for your number.
  4. He believes in fate. If you are meant to be together, then fate will happen that you will meet by chance in the future. He knows he doesn’t need to text you, fate will see you meet in a few weeks on the bus.
  5. He doesn’t want to see you again. Sorry to tell you so, but it is possible that he is just not interested in seeing you again in the future. After all, maybe that feeling of shared joy that you had wasn’t really mutual. These things happen, but turn the page.
  6. He didn’t understand you liked him. You felt like you made all the signs that you like it and want more. But apparently he didn’t understand or see them all. In short, he had the impression at the end of the evening that you had not hooked. It’s a shame, but it happens.
  7. He just wanted to hit on your girlfriend. You felt like this guy was doing everything to please and seduce you, but in the end he was only using you as a go-between to seduce your best friend sitting next to you.
  8. You didn’t give him yours. It’s all well and good to complain that a man didn’t ask you for your 06, but after all there is no rule that says it has to happen in that order. Maybe YOU could ask for this guy’s number, or give him yours directly without him asking you.

And has it ever happened to you that a guy flirts with you in the evening, that you like it and that in the end you leave without exchanging your mobile numbers? What was according to the reason? Leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the article.