First date: what are the topics of conversation to avoid?

A first date usually comes with many questions. From the usual ” what am I going to wear?” “To” where are we going? “, We usually go through” what are we going to talk about? “. It is true that a first date is an important moment, a unique opportunity to make a good first impression by meeting the one that you have been thinking about constantly for a few days or weeks. Also, it will be necessary to avoid certain subjects in order not to turn this meeting into a disaster.

Talking about your last romantic relationships

You are entering a new phase by meeting a new person, and it is this feeling that should prevail in your discussion. Talking about your exes will make your friend or partner think that you haven’t recovered from your last relationship yet. No one really wants to play the nurses of the heart at the start of a relationship.

Likewise, you will not have to spread out your journey to try to impress the other, you can easily pass for a heartbreaker .

Being too emotional

The figures do not control, and you are right to think so. However, you should not immediately reveal your overly affectionate , overly emotional side . Do not base any word on it, and do not take all its words for advances. Don’t be overly emotional at the risk of appearing fragile .

Displaying a marble face will not be the right solution either. Smile at his jokes, and guide the discussion to your goal. Are you looking for a short term or rather a long term relationship ?

Complain about your problems

Your appointment may be placed at the end of a day of work or class . This will not be a reason to pour your bad feelings of the day on the person who accompanies you. Avoid talking about your problems on the first date, as this will make you sound like a negative person who takes the wrong side of life.

Worse if the other is like you, you risk having a monstrous evening chewing black . This is not the desired effect for a first date.

Bringing up the subject of money

Your date won’t like it if you ask him / her how much he / she earns per month. When it comes to money, one often feels uncomfortable and the response can lead to a feeling of superiority or inferiority . Conversely, you can ask them about their professional occupation, and if they like what they do.

Likewise, insist on sharing the bill with your friend. A relationship that starts on an equal footing is always more likely to succeed.

Judge appearance or physique

People already feel quite uncomfortable with their own body when it has complexes . Do not add a layer by emphasizing a rabbit smile , a double chin or ears that are noticeable. Avoid judgments that make the person appear fat or too old.

Likewise, do not discuss the other’s clothing choice . You have the right to have a review, but you are not obligated to share it. Your partner has come to meet someone nice , not someone who will remind him or her that he or she is not good enough. If you don’t like it for its flaws, someone else will like it.

Be the subject of the conversation

You are full of stories, full of interesting anecdotes. You know how to relax the atmosphere and create a good atmosphere. This is a plus, which should not however turn to narcissism . Leave the floor to your partner to learn more about him / her.

A first meeting is an opportunity for sharing, and this sharing must be balanced so that each party makes a positive assessment of the meeting.

Talk about cinema

Talking about cinema is good, when we already know that our interlocutor also likes the televised universe . However, this is not a topic that will last long on a first date. It will be almost superfluous . Conversely, you can try to talk about travel . This will allow you to make the person in front of you dream.

The subject of the cinema for the end of the date if you are assured that your partner also has this hobby. That way, you can end by offering to watch a movie at your next date .

Turn around the weather

When you feel disoriented or have nothing more to say, the weather is a subject that can save. This subject will allow you to bounce back to other more interesting subjects. Use it as a crossroads, but not more than once. Expanding on the subject of the weather will quickly make the person in front of you realize that you are desperately looking for something to talk about.

When we’re not made to be together, we don’t force things. Try to please, don’t try to do it, at the risk of betraying a personality that is not yours.

Say “I love you” on a first date

In the category of feelings not to show, the phrase ” I love you ” is absolutely prohibited during a first date. You can let it show that you like your suitor, tell him that you enjoy his company between two bursts of laughter. However, be careful not to confess too quickly, to avoid a reaction contrary to the one expected.