12 signs you found true love, it’s wonderful to feel it

How nice to find the love of your life but nothing is free, it must have cost you. Well, if you found true love, it means that you sowed it in your heart and in your lifestyle. Because love is not outside but within ourselves.

We all want to find our soul mate, especially when we watch love movies. But if that illusion is not transformed into an attitude, we will achieve nothing. How to find true love.

If we believe that love happens to others who are lucky, we feel alone. When we don’t know where love is, we settle for much less than we really deserve.

1.- The love of your life listens to you and supports you

Finding the right love means someone who affects your life in a wide range of ways. She is not someone who just has a pretty, smiling figure. This person will support you in ways you never experienced.

When you need to be listened to, he gives you his full attention. It makes you feel like he really loves you and respects you. You will realize that you are their priority.

2.- You know you found true love when


You feel that you can trust because it always helps you to be happier and more successful. It helps you build your life without depending on it. He will never tell you, “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have progressed.”

Yes, how difficult to find true love, but when you find it you feel that you can trust it. It gives you so many reasons to trust that you don’t need to spy on their social networks.

3.- He does not belittle you even if you are not doing something


Not every day you have to be busy doing something. But you know that when it comes to him, everything is going to be positive and magical. On your worst days he cheers you on regardless of how unkempt you may be.

A woman doesn’t always feel good, they always have their days very sensitive. How nice to find love, you don’t always have to be radiant, it still makes you feel loved.

4.- He prepares you the coffee you like and always treats you well


You may not drink coffee but he knows how you like your favorite drink or food. It also knows when you need your favorite appetizer. Just great.

You know you found true love when despite not seeing several dials, he continues to treat you well. At no time does he bother that you attend to your work or family responsibilities.

5.- You miss his way of treating you at every moment

When you manage to find true love, he looks for you even if you are very busy. A message, a call to see you can satisfy his need to count on you.

If something happens to him or if he has something new in his work or family, he lets you know. You are always the first to know about their important things. He always helps you with your difficult decisions.

6.- He wants to see you happy and he wants to share everything with you

Every time there is a premiere or discover a new place, you are the one chosen to accompany it. He decides everything quickly, everything is clear to him that he wants everything with you. And they are not words, but actions.

The luck of finding true love means that your happiness is their happiness. He is always doing something fun with you because he knows that that way he achieves his best day.

7.- He is always honest and there are no limits in his love


You found true love when you breathe honesty and love has no limits. You don’t have to pretend with him, you are just like that with your anger, bad times and attacks of enthusiasm.

When you change your outfit or a custom and he doesn’t like it, he will tell you his opinion without trying to offend you. With your friends, work and preferences he will always tell you his opinion.

8.- Fight with you, but do not offend or minimize


How to find the love of my life? Become the best true love of the person you like. How nice to find the love of your life in the same person that you like every day.

When they ever have differences and get heated, they will argue, but he will never try to offend you. He has a difference with the love of his life, but he is still the love of his life.

9.- Love your family and invite you to solve mutual problems

You found true love when even though you have a troubled family, he loves them. Your mother can be very demanding, your sister a crazy person, etc., but he treats them with respect.

And he loves to solve his relationship problems with you. He knows that they are a team to run a home. So he uses his full potential to help you improve yourself.

10.- Encourages you to give importance to the little things


What does it mean to find the love of your life? Focus on the things that make them feel loved. When they are together they are attentive to each other. They laugh, play, and communicate positively.

You weren’t even looking for a man. You just adopted a lifestyle that makes you feel full and there he was. They agreed because they liked similar lifestyles.

11.- You know how to be your lover, friend and your life shines with him

The hope of finding true love is nurtured by enhancing your self-love. He finds you very attractive and loves to be your partner and your friend. He always strives to give you the best of himself.

Every moment of your life is filled with memorable memories of him. It is as if happiness has its name. But what really happens is that you take care of your own happiness.

12.- Your way of being and seeing life makes you a better woman

You found true love when you no longer resist letting go of what hurts you. He encourages you and gives you confidence to love yourself more. At all times highlight what he likes about you.

He even loves your gestural manias. Biting your nails, pursing your lips, making signs with your hands, etc. It just makes you feel good just the way you are. He doesn’t want to perfect you.

Finding true love for you has been reaffirming yourself in the change of life that you were doing. His influence is so great that you feel that your life would not be the same without him.