10 reasons why men fall in love with their best friend, always

Of course, a man can fall in love with his best friend and it would be the best thing he could do in his life. Why do men fall in love with their best friend? This happens when they are very intelligent and value what they have at their fingertips.

The wonderful thing about life is that love exists between best friends. Otherwise they wouldn’t be best friends. You actually become best friends when there is love. It is the best way to start a relationship as a couple, knowing each other well.

Not always your best friend is going to fall in love with you, even if you love her. But value your life with her. Realize that for many things they do not need words, agreements or plans. Now he begins to love you more and manages to be an attractive man.

1.- You tell her everything without taking care of anything

I’m falling in love with my best friend and I have no idea how this is happening. Very simple, you are completely trusting her . You tell him your fears, your dreams, doubts and challenges.

It is very easy to fall in love with a friend who is always there for you , who even without making plans meet. That is, they are focused on each other, that they always tell each other everything as a priority.

Why fall in love with your best friend? It will not only be your partner, but also your confidant. You don’t have to pretend, you can be yourself with her. They both know their likes and dislikes well.

2.- Because men fall in love with their best friend


Because no false expectations are made. In other words, they do not fall in love with illusions or what is not. They know their best friends for who they are. They know their flaws, strengths and potential.

Why did we fall in love with our best friend? Because it realistically fills your life with satisfaction. You know that things are good and bad with her, but you like the results.

She is not a perfect woman nor are you a perfect man, but they are one for which. With all the bad that dulls her and the good that makes her shine, she’s the right woman for you.

3.- Your best friend understands you without words


Why do best friends end up falling in love? One reason for this is that they are understood without words. They just look at each other or make a gesture and understand what they want to say to each other.

She knows what bothers you or what you like by a simple gesture that you make. So how not to fall in love with your best friend? If you are uncomfortable or want something you do not have to say anything, understand immediately.

You can’t hide anything from her, she will always find out. Even when you have a crush on another girl, not only will she notice, she will tolerate it too. She knows that you will always return to her arms.

4.- With her there is no need to pretend


Another reason why men fall in love with their best friend is because of her high tolerance for everything. She knows about your ex, even the girl you like and even the one you hate for being conceited.

She knows the ridiculous you did, your weaknesses, mistakes and talents. That is, with that you only have to be yourself, you do not have to spend energy on pretending anything.

5.- They share many friendships in common


Can a man fall in love with his best friend when she fills all the voids in his life. At all times for everything is always your best friend. And all your friends know it.

They have so many friends in common that they always have a great time. They do not have to go through discomfort and the best thing is that everyone knows how well you get along.

6.- Only you know how to enjoy what you have

Why do men fall in love with their best friend ? They actually fall in love with the lifestyle they have built with it. They don’t have to make plans to have fun, just stick with the routine.

They are never bored, they are always spontaneous. They have come, by dint of understanding each other, to live a balanced life full of satisfaction. They just complement each other.

7.- Your family knows her and likes her how she is

Your best friend comes to your house as if it were her house even when you are not there. Many times he stays talking with your family and even helps with chores and errands.

Your family is so happy with her that they wonder, when are they going to be dating? They don’t understand how they can be just good friends with how well they get along.

8.- Your best support, your best friend

Very few men know how great it is to have a good friend. Perhaps this is the main reason why best friends fall in love. You know you can always count on her.

Practically like your girlfriend, but not official yet. At work, with friends and family, she is always supporting you. Now she will be your partner and will never stop being your best friend.

9.- It’s time to rediscover what’s new in her

Another reason why men fall in love with their best friend is to discover what a wonderful woman she is . They are as good as friends and you discover that as a woman you have much more to give.

Maybe you liked me from the beginning as a woman, but friendship occupies everything in you. It was so good to discover that life was more fun with her and now you discover that even love is better.

10.- I fell in love with my best friend, what do I do?

They already live a shared history, each one knows each other’s dreams and challenges. Why do best friends end up falling in love? Because they like the life they have and the future they build.

You shared so much with your best friend, you got so upset with her and they agreed so many times that they don’t need so many explanations. It was in all your moments of familiar pain as in its joys.

Are you in love with your best friend? You don’t have to tell her, she already realized it and if not, just put more love. Falling in love with a woman who is your friend is only loving yourself more.