8 signs of flirting in a man to a woman, know their signs of interest

1.- He is very interested when he discovers that they have something in common

When he is interested, there are always signs of flirting in a man towards a woman. If you are interested in that man, you should be attentive to signs of interest in a man for you. Keep reading.

When you talk to a man and they suddenly realize that they share certain tastes, you can be attracted to them. But how do you know if he likes you too? Because of the way he gets excited. If he shows real excitement for common tastes they have, he might like you.

2.- Another of the signs of flirting in a man is his persistent eye contact

How to identify the flirtation of a man by a woman? By his look. If a man looks at a woman a lot, he certainly likes her. Therefore, if he does not stop looking into your eyes, if he looks at you while they talk, he has an interest in you.

The flirtation of a man with a woman always begins with the look. A persistent and cheerful look just means that you are interested. A man who is not interested looks around while they talk.

3.- A man who flirts with you always has a tender smile on his face


Another sign of a man’s flirting with a woman is his permanent smile. It will not be difficult for you to distinguish a true smile when a man is smiling at you for more than one occasion.

A spontaneous smile is something that is born when we are close to the person we love. It may just be a treat, but a smile is always one of the powerful signs of interest in a man towards a woman.

4.- A man flirts with a woman remembering common things from the past

Another of the signs of interest of a man towards a woman is that he remembers many things in the past. He likes to remember things you said or did in the past and he does it in a very animated way. He is definitely flirting with you and that just means he feels good about you.

He likes you, loves you, wants you, thinks of you as a woman, etc. A man remembers things from the past for only one reason, he is attracted to you. This is very common in flirting between a man and a woman.

5.- If a man blushes just because of your presence, he has been thinking of you

Blushing happens because of a powerful emotion that brings blood to the face. Only those who think about something obsessively get excited. You appear or say something and the emotion is activated in the man who is thinking of you. This is another of the signs of interest in a man for a woman.

Blushing is another of the signs of flirting in a man with the woman he likes. Blushing is an involuntary act, therefore it is very honest. If a man blushes with you, it is true that he wants something with you. Suddenly he blushes and cannot help smiling, he has already started flirting with you.

6.- Flirtation of a man towards a woman: he starts to imitate what you do

That he imitates you in a funny way is another of the signs of a man’s interest in a woman. For imitating is a spontaneous, involuntary reaction when there is a connection with another person. If that man suddenly imitates you, it is because he feels connected to you.

He thinks of you, dreams of you, has fantasies of you. It feeds in many ways his desire to be with you, to love you and when you appear he cannot stop imitating you. A smile will begin to appear on his face and you will see him flirting, speaking as you speak, imitating some movement.

7.- If a man touches you gently and persistently, he is flirting with you

One way to identify a man’s flirting is to watch for if he touches you. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but he may be touching you gently in a very subtle way. If he does it repeatedly, you can be sure that he feels love for you.

Touching is another of the signs of flirting in a man to a woman. It’s common sense, if you like something you will want to touch it. A touch almost “by chance”, with admiration and respect is a sign of interest in a man. That man wants to have a special and intimate connection with you.

8.- A sign of flirting from a man to a woman: he raises his eyebrows

Another of the signs of flirting in a man to a woman is to open your eyes to see better. When a man has the woman he likes in front of him, he wants to enjoy looking at her. He will constantly raise his eyebrows in flirtation. She likes it and wants to express it.

Everything happens spontaneously. When love is authentic, body language is responsible for communicating unequivocally. When there is confidence, the man will start flirting and these signs of love will be more evident. Flirting comes naturally to a man interested in a woman.