24 things men notice in a woman

Men tend to seem like people who are not very detailed, but when it comes to interacting with women, they become the most interested. From how you look and how you speak to your sense of humor, men pay attention to detail to get to know you better.

If you want to know what men notice in a woman, check this list of the 24 things that catch their attention:

1. Personal style

Men look at the style of each woman. They notice when you get ready, the type of clothes you wear and if in general, you are a girl who prefers the sporty, casual or elegant look.

Your personal style tells them how relaxed you are in your daily life, how you see yourself, and how you project yourself to the world. It also shows if you take your image seriously and take care of your appearance. If you are always, as they say, “to the nines,” he will know that you care how you look.

2. His eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. There must be some truth in it because both men and women fix their attention on the eyes when they want to meet a person. The eyes are expressive and often say much more than your words.

What do you look for in a woman’s eyes? Know its truth, try to see its essence. In the eyes, you can see if there is trust and also if there is a mutual attraction.

3. The smile

This is one of the most observed and most anticipated traits by men. The smile is always one of the best letters of introduction and, at the same time, it is very expressive. With your smile, you can show joy, shyness, tenderness, sympathy … even falsehood or hypocrisy.

If men expect something when they look for your smile, it is that it looks natural and transmits what you really feel. If you are a girl who usually smiles a lot, you will surely like it. Who doesn’t want to be around happy people?

4. Excess makeup

If you think that men do not notice if you wear makeup or how you do it, you are wrong! Men love to see women groomed and made up, but in most cases with a natural appearance.

There are girls who wear too much makeup and try to attract attention with an overloaded and excessive image. If you are one of them, I am sorry to tell you that you will achieve your task of attracting attention, but in a negative way.

Men hate excessive makeup and prefer women who use only a little powder, pastel lipsticks, and a very natural blush. Remember: less is more.

5. The smell

The smell always gives us away, for better or for worse. Both men and women love having a person who smells good by their side. The smell is an indicator of hygiene, cleanliness, and personal care.

It is not about you bathing in perfume, I am talking about the smell that you feel in harmony with your body. Many women balance between their body lotion and their favorite fragrance to achieve a pleasant and attractive scent.

Perfume is also an excellent letter of introduction and leaves an indelible mark on the olfactory memory of the person you like. So it is important that this memory is the best.

6. Laughter

It shouldn’t seem strange to you that men notice the way you laugh. Laughing is a way of expressing yourself and showing your personality. They are able to recognize when you laugh out loud because something has caused you humor and they also detect those fake and false giggles.

Seeing the way you laugh gives them an idea of ​​your personality, so it is best to always show yourself authentic and in the most honest version of yourself.

7. Tone of voice

Along with laughter, tone of voice is something that men pay a lot of attention to. The truth is that boys adore soft, sensual voices while detesting those high-pitched, high-pitched voices that annoy the ear. Do you remember Janice, Chandler’s girlfriend on Friends?

Men do not overlook this. It can be a detail that makes them reconsider their possible relationship with someone. So if you have an annoying voice, it’s not about changing it, but you can learn to moderate it to avoid annoying yelling and screaming.

8. Hygiene

As with smell, hygiene is essential to show that you are a person who takes care of yourself. In general, it sometimes seems that men give little importance to their own hygiene, but with women, they are not so understanding.

Men notice when you are freshly bathed if you have washed your hair in days if you are wearing dirty clothes or unkempt shoes. You may think they are details, but for them, it is important to hang out with well-groomed and attractive women.

So if you want to make a good impression, take care of your hygiene. First for yourself, because taking care of yourself is a sign of self-esteem, and then to avoid rejections from guys you might like.

9. Hair 

This is a quality highly admired by men. We know that most people love a woman with long hair. Whether straight or wavy, thick, well-groomed hair is a sign of health and personal care.

But beyond the length of your hair, they look at your style and the way you wear it. They love naturalness and that the style you wear is consistent with your personality. Extravagant hairstyles, far from provoking being close to you, push them away.

Naturally, its hygiene and smell are also very important. Men notice when hair is greasy because you haven’t washed it. They will always notice your hair, be careful with it.

10. Trust

Although it seems incredible, something that men also notice in women is the self-confidence that they project towards others. When you talk, laugh, and walk, you breathe confidence, and they notice it.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are. Guys will love you for who you are, not for what you pretend to be. Always be sure of yourself. You will see that if that man likes you, that will drive him even more crazy.

11. Sense of humor

There is nothing more attractive in a person than their good sense of humor. We do not mean that they are clowns, but we do mean that laughter is part of their day-to-day, that they take things in a positive way and are able to laugh at themselves.

Even if you are an introvert or have a very sarcastic sense of humor, that will be noticed by men. They will feel good if you laugh at their crazy things and also if you are able to make them laugh with your sense of humor.

Being serious all the time can project a very intimidating image of a woman. Logically, this unconsciously makes people (and the boy you like, obviously) mark a distance because they can assume that their mocking attitudes make you uncomfortable.

12. Your group of friends

Our friends are a reflection of who we are or, at least, they are part of the image we project to others. The circle that surrounds us is a fundamental part of our identity.

Guys always notice how the friends who always accompany you are, their personalities, and what their tastes are. That is a way to get an idea of ​​who you are, what you like, and your values.

Friendships are always shared in relationships, so your group of friends will undoubtedly be an important factor that can attract, or repel, any men who claim to be with you.

13. Height

Men will always notice your height, whether you are tall as a runway model or short as a girl who provokes protection.

Whether they like tall or short is a matter of personal preference, but don’t worry about your height. You may not have the height that this guy is usually attracted to, but if you have an attitude and are confident about yourself, that will attract his attention more.

14. Attitude

Men are not only detailed when it comes to admiring a girl’s body, they are also observant with your way of being, how you behave, and your attitude in general.

Although knowing the personality of a person requires time and treatment than a single outlet, the boy you like can realize important traits in a short time. For example, you can see if you are grateful, rude, kind, or despotic, if on the street you are supportive.

Your actions show much more than you think and help that boy form an idea of ​​who you are.

15. The body in general

Men often make a general observation of the body of girls to see if it corresponds to their “type.” When we say that they look at the body, we mean that they also observe how you walk, your gaze and how you move your hair.

All of that becomes the first connection you feel with a girl they like.

Remember that at first glance the physique always draws attention, but in the end, the way of being and your personality are imposed on good curves or a sculptural body.

16. If you are a smoker

Beyond macho conceptions, the image of a woman smoking is not always the best. Of course, the world is no longer so conservative and there will be kids who are attracted to seeing you smoke a cigarette, but usually, smoking is an activity that generates rejection in others.

It is not that you “look ugly” or “unladylike”, it is that cigarettes affect your health, leave an unpleasant smell and also stain your fingers and teeth.

If you smoke, you must take care of your hygiene to minimize these effects and do not bother the boy if he is not a smoker. You should also respect the non-smoking spaces in front of him if he so wishes.

17. If you swear

Do you think men don’t pay attention to your words? Well, you are wrong! The way you speak and the words you choose to express yourself immediately catch your eye. Guys especially notice when you swear because they usually expect girls to be demure.

Swearing is not necessarily a negative thing. In fact, in some cases, it shows that you are expressive and authentic. What can be negative or fall ill is that rudeness is most of your everyday language. Someone with such negative language is not attractive.

18. Underwear

When television or movies show a man who is attracted to women’s underwear, they are not feeding a cliché. Men love to admire good lingerie on a woman’s body

There are many reasons, mainly that they are very visual and what they see turns them on. Underwear is a seductive element for guys, also telling them how daring or demure a woman can be in private.

19. The eyebrows

Perhaps this tends to exaggerate you because we never think of the eyebrows as a seductive element, but the eyebrows are the frame of your eyes and to a great extent they help shape your look. Do you still think that men would overlook this element of your face?

Currently, the fashion is to leave thick eyebrows and, if you do not have them populated, tattoo them a little to make them look that way. But the truth is that, beyond fashion, the secret to good eyebrows is to make them as natural as possible, with a harmonious shape with your face.

20. The way they dress

Guys notice the way you dress: if you are a woman who likes to be elegant or if you like more to be sporty, regardless of the occasion. They also notice if you are one of those who like to look attractive and provocative, or if you prefer comfortable feminine clothes, but without much to show.

This is closely tied to your personal style because the clothes we wear express our personality. And it is not only about the pieces that we choose, they also determine if you have ironed the clothes, if they are clean, how you combine them. Your outfit speaks for you. Take care that it is the best possible image.

21. The hands

This part is also considered a cover letter for women. We are not talking about the fact that boys admire the fashion of wearing long and pointed nails with more rhinestones and designs than jewelry, we are talking about hand care, skincare, its naturalness.

Although men like women to take care of their hands and nails, what attracts them is that they have soft skin, clean nails, preferably natural tones.

22. How he looks at them!

Body language is one of the things that communicate the most about you. Among many gestures, perhaps the most telling is your look. That is why men are always attentive to your gestures and those demonstrations that give them the green light to approach you.

They will always be aware of the way you see them. An innocent and furtive look can be the confirmation that the boy needs to know that you are aware of him.

23. How do women interact with other people?

Another trait that men notice is the way women behave, depending on the place and the people with whom they are. This is how they notice when your attitude changes if you are with other girls, surrounded by men, in a group of friends, or in a workgroup.

They also notice your behavior on the street. If when you meet strangers you are sociable or withdrawn or if you ignore the people around you.

In short, they simply try to know more about you through your contacts with others, to know what you like and with what types of people you feel confident.

24. The conversations

Words say many things about us. For a boy, the conversations that a woman has that he likes are fundamental because they help him to know what you have inside his mind and what topics you are passionate about.

The boys pay attention to the topics they talk about, how you think about certain topics, the way you view the news, if you are interested in politics, how uninhibited you are talking about topics traditionally considered taboo.

Anyway, a pleasant and trivial chat can tell a man how interesting or mature is that girl who is stealing his sleep.


Every boy is different and his personality dictates a lot of the traits that a woman is interested in finding. This list of things that men pay attention to in a woman is a guide to know them better and to know what aspects we can take care of to help us before their eyes.

But always remember that the most important thing is the way you are. Yes, men are detailed and observant, and what they will see the most in you is your authenticity and self-confidence. The more comfortable you feel with yourself, the more they will want to share with you.