15 ways to get the attention of the guy you like

Approaching a guy can be intimidating and scary. You may even have questions about what you are going to say to him and how you should act, but, although there is no exact formula that says how to attract the attention of the boy you like, here I will give you 15 practical tips to get you started and you successfully achieve your goal.

1. Be sure of yourself, if you are not naturally confident, pretend until you are

There is nothing that attracts a boy more, apart from physical attraction, than a confident girl. If you feel comfortable with who you are, he will too.

What can you do to prove it? Use your favorite perfume when you are with him, dress up, look in the mirror and you will see all the qualities that are in you and that you can surely exploit. Not everything is about the physical, also if you have any talent you can show it to them.

2. Be a positive girl

If you are positive and see the good side of life, you will attract good things. If he sees you with a smile on your face, bright eyes, and full of dreams, I assure you that you will catch his attention immediately and he will seek to be with you.

Remember that optimism and positive energy are contagious and if there is a guy who notices that attitude in you, he may want to get to know you a little better.

Negativity, on the other hand, can be harmful to both you and those around you. Look for negative attitudes in yourself such as gossiping, making bad comments about people, and bad temper and try to correct them and you will see how little by little people, including the boy you like, begin to approach you.

3. Focus on making a good first impression when you meet the guy if you haven’t already.

When it comes to meeting someone, the first impression is what counts and this especially applies to the guy you like.

If you are nervous, try not to show it too much, as this can play a trick on you and make you seem indifferent to him.

When you’re in front of him, avoid being shy and submissive at all costs, but don’t be too aggressive or cold either. Be polite, cool, and casual. Keep in mind that you want to be approachable so that once you get his attention he will think, “I want a second date with her.”

4. Be unique and watch the most interesting things you like to do

Being unique is one of the parts of making a good impression on a guy. This does not mean that you should stop being you, on the contrary, what I want to tell you is that you must show yourself as you are and how you are.

The more you show your individuality, the more you will attract the attention of that special guy.

To discover what makes you unique, you must think: what are you good at? Will it be your brain? Your sense of humor? Your big heart? Only you know what you’re good at and what you stand out for in the crowd. Remember that not everything is physical beauty; the interior also counts.

5. Connect with him on social networks and post many stories and photos where you look very interesting

Currently, social networks play an important role when you want to meet someone or that someone to meet you. From blogs to photos, the guy will know more about you through social media, so you have to be careful what you post.

If you show that you are vain or your life is full of drama, that will push him away. I’m not telling you to lie and show your life in the color pink when it really isn’t, I’m just telling you to think about what image you give people when you post.

You can post interests, hobbies, and what you are passionate about. In this way, you will show what is on your mind and your interests and give the boy opportunities to get closer to you.

Additionally, the Internet has an I don’t know what, which helps you break down walls and you can talk without so much nervousness or shyness with the boy you like.

6. Don’t look desperate

While you do want to get a guy’s attention, don’t show it too much. Desperation makes you look unattractive and can cause him to divert his attention from you.

Give him his space, let him find you. Even if you want to be with him 24 hours a day, you cannot do it, otherwise, he will feel suffocated by your presence.

Don’t bombard him with texts and calls, let him start the conversations, let him know that you value yourself and that communicating with you is important.

7. Let him help you

Surely you’ve seen more than one romantic comedy where the man comes to the rescue of a lady who needs an extra set of strong hands to help her, and then magic happens.

As it turns out, this is something that works in real life. It may sound old-fashioned to you and you don’t like feeling clumsy or dependent, but I assure you that you will be able to take advantage of every time I offer you help, just accept it, smile, and thank him.

This is a great opportunity to get their attention and have a little conversation while they help you.

8. Catch their eyes

One of the immediate ways to get the attention of a guy you like is by looking unique. Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to embrace it and bring out the best in it, it will not only make you feel confident in who you are, but it will also make you stand out from the crowd.

By nature, humans observe physical appearance first, so it is very important that in the morning you not only bathe and brush your teeth but also fix your hair and face a bit. Always keep a smile on your face.

Plus, you can also make eye contact with him every time you see him and subtly smile at him. It’s a great way to make eye contact with him to get his attention.

9. Talk to him

A great way to get the attention of a guy you like is by chatting with him. It’s not all about looks and many guys will be interested in someone to talk to and not just someone pretty to look at, remember that beauty is fleeting.

If you are pretty but have nothing to talk about, I assure you they will walk away quickly. But if you can talk to people and also ensure that the conversation is not more of a monologue, then you can get the attention of the guy you like.

If you don’t know the guy to have a fluent conversation, you can ask him about himself and find out his interests.

If he refuses to talk about himself or avoids you, tries to talk about current events, or gives him a compliment, compliments can usually lead to good conversations.

From the shirt he wears, to the music he listens to, it’s a great compliment that will let him know you’re paying attention without making you look desperate or harassing him.

10. Make him laugh

If you can make him laugh, rest assured that you can get that boy’s attention. First, you need to know what their sense of humor is: some people are sarcastic, others prefer black humor while others prefer clichéd humor.

In case you don’t know him very well, avoid joking about controversial topics.

When it comes to making him laugh, try to be a little silly, but stay true to yourself. If you can laugh at yourself, then the boy will notice that you are not tense and you do not take things personally, but be careful, if all the time they are joking, he will think that you are not interested and you will lose his attention.

Additionally, I remind you, that you can also laugh at their jokes. Sure, if you don’t find some of his jokes funny, don’t laugh, you should stay true to your sense of humor, but without being rude.

11. Flirt with him

I know it’s one of the hardest things to do when you want to get the attention of a guy you like. Your nerves invade you, you think you will look stupid, or worse, that he will reject you.

But, if you do it with subtlety, you will get their attention. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Look at him sideways and smile at him, let him discover you looking at him, so he will assume that he likes you, but without telling him.
  • If he looks at you, smile subtly and play with your hair.

12. Touch him

Stop there, don’t think bad! There are ways to touch a guy to get his attention without it being a bad thing.

You can start by tapping him on the shoulder to let him know you’re there.

If you already have confidence in him, you can rest your head on his shoulder or lean shoulder to shoulder to him, in this way you will begin to send him signals so that he knows that he likes you. You can also play with his fingers or rest your hand brushing his.

The most important thing when you have contact with him is the eye contact and the smile, I have already told you, but I repeat it again when you are with him, smile!

13. Find common interests to share with him

A great way to get the attention of a guy you like is by sharing common interests with him. If you haven’t told yourself, ask him what they are, make an effort to get to know him.

If at first, you do not find anything in common with him, do not be discouraged, keep looking until you find them, even if you do not believe it there is always something that we have in common with others.

When you find what you have in common, share it and enjoy it.

14. Look at the details

Take a look at the small and big details of his life without obsessing over it. Knowing things about the boy you like will be of great help in getting his attention. See what bothers him, what he likes, if you have the opportunity to ask him how his day went, do it! It is something that will give you more clues of who he is.

Also, of course, he appreciates his efforts, if he gives you a small note or gives you some candy, smile at him.

15. Let him take the initiative.

Men by nature like to take the initiative and be the ones who take the first step.

Stay calm if they take a while, control your emotions, and do not despair, that if you have done things well and he is for you, things will happen in due time.