16 signs to know if a coworker likes you

Knowing if a coworker likes you is not so obvious since due to the environment or the work rules that prohibit relationships, these signs must be disguised and often go unnoticed.

Here I explain the main signs to know if a co-worker likes you:

1. Pays more attention to you than the rest

If he pays you more attention than the rest of the colleagues, both in person, if he visits you from time to time in your office to chat, or sends you messages through private chat, he will most likely like you.

You must know how to differentiate kindness from taste and attraction. Some people are very sociable and are attentive to all their colleagues to help them with their tasks or just to chat.

However, if you see that he is more aware of you than the rest, that he is always looking to talk to you, or that he shows special interest in helping you with your things, it is an excellent sign that you are attracted to him.

2. Shows special interest in your private life

It is normal for a colleague to show interest in your work, but when the interest is focused on your private life, they may have other intentions.

If you see that he is interested in knowing what you like to do, what are your hobbies, what places you frequent and you like to visit, and especially if you are single or have a partner, the chances are that this partner will like you?

3. Always seeks to be close to you

Another sign that a coworker likes you is that they are always looking to be close to you; that is, where you go he goes or where you are he is, even if it is not necessary.

When a man likes a woman he feels the need to always be close to her, so if a partner is interested in you, he will try to be where you are … at lunches, meetings, group outings, and conferences.

Another very obvious sign is that, in addition to being where you are, you are looking for closeness. For example, in meetings, he seeks to sit next to you, as well as at lunch or break.

4. Make up unnecessary conversation topics just to chat

A very common sign is the attempt to communicate at all times, even if it is inventing silly excuses to ask you about topics that you know little about or many others at work could clarify them better.

The need for conversation is a very common thing when two people are attracted to each other. It is common for the interested person to seek to speak, so you must be attentive to the partner you suspect.

Pay attention: if he always asks your opinion at conferences or meetings, what do you think, what do you think, what would you change or what do you think … it shows that he is interested in you.

5. Looks at you frequently

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and, in this case, it is no exception. One of the signs that you should be more attentive to is your gaze.

If you’ve caught him repeatedly staring at you or see him frequently sneak a peek at you, he might be interested.

You have to know how to differentiate the looks by attraction or interest and the normal looks.

For example, if you are making a presentation or making a point, it is normal for them to observe you. But when you catch it for no apparent reason, it shows that he finds you interesting.

Also pay attention to the intensity of the gaze, the frequency, and whether it holds or turns when you look. This can tell you a lot about their level of interest and their personality.

If he holds your gaze for long enough to intimidate you, it means that he is confident and determined, that he is going for what he wants, and is just waiting for the right moment to invite you.

On the contrary, if he does not hold your gaze or only vaguely observes you, it may mean that he likes you but not enough, that he is not yet determined to go for everything or that he is somewhat shy and if you want something, you have to help him.

6. He always smiles at you

The smile says a lot about people. It is normal to smile at work because it creates a pleasant atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you see that your partner watches you and gives you a smile repeatedly, for no apparent reason, it may be that he likes you.

7. Try to contact you outside of work

An infallible sign to know that your coworker likes you is that he tries to locate you outside of work, be it with irrelevant work excuses or simply to know how you are.

If the coworker tries to contact you by calls, WhatsApp or another means to talk without really valid reasons, it may be that he likes you and wants more contact with you.

8. Compliments you frequently

Pay attention to the compliments your partner gives you. At work, they are generally a bit more sneaky and you may not notice them.

Things like “you look good” or “nice blouse” can be clues that she’s attracted to you. Also, if he gives a lot of compliments to your work such as “you were excellent in the meeting”, it can indicate that he likes you.

9. Be attentive to details

Most co-workers are only aware of the important points that are mentioned and ignore the details that are told, both in work and in life.

Therefore, if the partner you suspect remembers the finer details of what you tell him, be it about a project or your personal life, it means that he cares about you.

Also, if he notices changes that are not so obvious to others, such as a haircut, a color change, or a new blouse, it is an indication that he likes you.

However, there are people who are detailed so you should observe their behavior with others and compare their interests.

10. Invites you to activities outside of work

If the coworker is not shy, this is a very obvious sign that a colleague likes you.

If your partner is aware of whether or not you will attend that Christmas dinner, or if he is especially interested in your attendance, it is a sign that he has feelings for you.

Also if he invites you for a coffee or lunch with a work excuse —or if he emphasizes that you attend an after-work meeting — it may mean that he likes you.

She can also ask your friends and not you directly, so find out if she has been hanging around or asking questions about it.

11. Mirror effect

To find out if a guy likes you, pay attention to his behavior. If he imitates the things you do, for example, if you smile and he smiles, it may be that he is attracted to you.

Also if he agrees with all your opinions, for example, if a movie has seemed good to you and to him too, or a situation bothers you and he is the same.

12. Speaks ambiguously

Pay attention if when he speaks he tries to convey another message. When he said something to you, he does it ambiguously or says things at stake, but with some mischief. Try to read between the lines.

13. He is groomed more than usual

Boys get ready too. If you see that he wears new or more showy clothes – and especially if he applies more perfume – this is a very characteristic sign that he is attracted and wants to impress.

14. He gives you things

A very obvious sign that a guy likes you is that he tries to give you gifts. Of course, since they are at work, you must do it secretly.

For this reason, pay attention if he arrives with a coffee, some cookies or a breakfast, because “he noticed that you have not eaten” or because “he saw that you like mocha and stopped by the cafeteria.”

15. Parks near you

Pay attention if you park your vehicle near yours in the parking lot. This may mean that they are attracted to you.

With this, he can approach you on the spot, either to chat or to walk with you to the office.

16. Offers to take you home

If your partner offers to drive you home from work frequently (or on your office outings), he might like you.

If he insists on taking you home when he has to deviate from his route to do so or is imposing on others to take you, he might want to spend time with you.