23 games for couples to light the fire of love

Games are gadgets designed to liven up meetings and help people interact with each other.

In fact, depending on the event you have to face (meeting with friends, bachelor parties, birthday parties, or sharing in privacy) you will find one that suits your purposes and those of the group.

Read on and get to know the 30 games for couples that you can use when you need extra fun.

1. Kiss me a lot!

Simple and a lot of fun! Each of your guests should look in her bag for lipstick (preferably a deep color).

The purpose of the game is that once they paint their lips, they will have to kiss their partner all over their face until the time is up (30 seconds).

The guy with the most kisses on his face will determine which duo won.

Have two large boxes with enough clothing items (one box for women’s clothing and one for men’s items).

In the same way, you will need a stopwatch, since the activity is done in a couple of minutes.

The idea is that the clothing of the other person is placed on top of the clothes, and those who are better dressed from head to toe after the established time, become the winners.

2. Find me!

Separate the women from the men and blindfold them all, then bring the two groups together and indicate that only using touch will they have to find their partner. Those who get it right, win.

3. The Garage Sale

You will need several sheets of paper, pencils, or pens. The idea is that each of you writes the name of an object that you would like to get rid of in a garage sale and, at least, five reasons why you would put that object up for sale.

For example, I am going to get rid of (name of object) my pillow because it is too soft, it has lost its shape, its color has faded and it no longer helps me sleep well.

Once everyone has written on the sheets, they should cross out the name of the object and instead write the name of their companion, and then they should read the card aloud.

If everyone has a good sense of humor for sure, they will laugh their heads off.

4. Shaving Your Boyfriend

For this game, everyone must be willing to get a little dirty.

Each boy will sit on a plastic chair and a towel will be wrapped around his shirt (so as not to get it wet).

Then the women will be blindfolded and given a plastic spoon that will act as a razor and foam to put on the men’s faces.

They have one minute to lather and another minute to start shaving. After this time, the women will be asked to remove the blindfold and appreciate their work. The best and worst shaves, as well as the most fun, will be awarded.

5. Joining the Tape

Buy several meters of tape in the color of your preference and cut it to the dimensions you like.

Hide each piece of ribbon in the meeting place and tell your guests to find as many ribbons as possible in ten minutes. Then tie the pieces of each pair. Longer ribbons will check who won.

6. Food on the Rope

You will have to hang from the ceiling several strings that contain food at the end (cookies, pretzels, donuts, and any other soft food that preferably has a hole and thus can be used for this game).

Then blindfold the boys who participate and it should be their partners who help them maintain the balance of each string loaded with food. Males should not touch the food or the rope that holds them with their hands.

The man who finishes his food quickest will see who the winning pairs were.

7. Ask the Newlyweds

It is a classic of adult gatherings. A referee will have to separate the women from the men, and will ask them specific questions, for example: what is the other’s favorite color? What do they hate the most? What is their favorite food? met ?, among others.

Once all the answers of each have been recorded, they will be compared and those who get the highest number of correct answers will win.

This dynamic will help both of them to reinforce the bond they have and get to know each other much more.

8. The Best Declarer

Previously, you should look for a long and exaggeratedly romantic poem. Once the couples to participate have been selected, the men will be asked to read it to their girls.

One by one they should come forward and declaim it with the greatest passion and honesty possible. The man who receives the most applause for his performance wins.

9. Beware of the Coco!

At least five pairs of people can participate (even more if space allows), and you must have as many coconuts as groups participate. The moderator will give precise instructions such as jump, lower the coconut to your waist, carry the coconut on your back, among other similar phrases.

The game consists in that the pairs must carry the coconut to the part of the body indicated to them, mutually supporting each other’s bodies, without using their hands.

The pairs are eliminated as they drop the coconuts or if they touch them with their hands. Whoever is left standing wins the challenge.

10. I’m Looking for a Partner

The host is in charge of creating the search categories, for example: «I am looking for the couple who had the shortest honeymoon, the one with the most children, the ones who were married on the same day as their birthday, the one who looks alike. more to the other », among others.

The idea is that from among the guests those who feel identified with what they are told will emerge.

11. The Tree of Hearts

Ask your guests to provide you with photos of each one from the time when they were children, make copies and print them, glue them on heart-shaped leaves and garnish them on a tree.

Tell everyone to take photos of the tree in which they think the image of their boyfriend or girlfriend as a baby is reflected. The pairs that hit the most, win.

12. Describe your Blessings

Instruct your acquaintances to stand in a circle and share their blessings in a specific way, such as being saved from a fatal accident or cured of an illness.

This is a very intimate and quite thoughtful game, it will allow everyone to get to know each other better and to establish themselves thanks to the things they have to be thankful for. This way they can get to know each other and lead to new and interesting conversations.

13. The Daring Dance

In this case, the women will be responsible for making their team win.

The girls who wish to participate will come to the front and their boys will sit in chairs in front of them. Each will perform a seductive dance for her boy and once the song is over, the applause of the audience will establish who won.

14. Paint the Body

You have surely seen those paintings on the body made by professionals. This time you will be the artist who recreates a work on the skin of your loved one. You can use phrases, images, and as many figures as you are able to represent. The rest of those present will say who did better.

15. The Test of Love

In a chest or heart-shaped box, keep several rolls of paper containing tokens of love that your guests can perform for their partner.

16. Task Wheel

Build a wheel with activities that include cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash, taking the dog to the vet … It will be luck who decides what to do.

As a reward for their work, the one who finishes sooner will be able to decide what to eat for dinner and how they will be pleased in bed.

17. Guess what you eat!

Cover your love’s eyes and let him guess what foods you put in his mouth.

This playful idea is to trust the other completely by letting him be the one who feeds you.

18.  Glance Game

Generally, people are not able to look into each other’s eyes for more than a few seconds. Despite the trust or intimacy between the two, this can turn out to be a very complex and uncomfortable gesture.

Challenge yourself to look at each other with love for as long as possible (there are those who claim that this activity is therapeutic).

To add some mischief, they can challenge themselves to keep their gaze without blinking and whoever does it first, loses.

19. Truth or Dare

Set up two large glass jars, each labeled “true” or “dare.” The other person will start the game by taking a piece of paper from the jar that inspires the most confidence and who reads it aloud, and you will have to respond. Then they switch roles.

Take advantage of this game to create cards with interesting questions, which you would not dare to ask your partner under normal circumstances.

20. The Emotional Hangman

It’s just like the hangman game you played in childhood. You take a sheet of paper, tick a few boxes where a word fits that means something important to both of you, and you give your partner a clue. The other will say letters that may or may not discover the hidden word.

Suppose you want to remind him that the anniversary of both is approaching, then give him a clue like “gift” and that the word to discover is “ring”.

Each wrong letter is equivalent to a drawing of a part of the body, the idea is to guess the word before the doodle ends up hanging.

21. Roles with Costumes

Role plays also favor a relationship because it allows them to momentarily embody characters that they wish they were, but that out of modesty they keep hidden.

It will help them to uninhibited, boost confidence and recreate scenes from movies seen in advance. The imagination in these cases is the guest of honor.

22. Dedications of Love

They can play it in groups or in the privacy of the home. Compete with each other and challenge each other to craft the most special message of love you have ever dedicated to each other.

23. Discovering New Pleasure Points

Get a feather and go brushing the areas of your partner’s body where you think they can feel pleasure. You will know that you are doing well based on their gestures and facial reactions.

The games that we present to you serve to entertain a group, or to create a playful atmosphere in privacy. You decide when and how to put them into practice.

To help your guests remember the games, you can use surprise prizes, so they will feel even more stimulated by participating.

I hope this content is helpful for you. Let us know in a comment your impression of this article, which game you liked the most, and if you know others that we will not name. For us, it is always a pleasure to read and respond to you.