5 signs of how to know if a man is jealous without dating

Human relationships are not easy at all, and they can be completely confusing at times.

Jealousy is one of those elements that give us clues about how another person feels about us, but it is not always expressed clearly.

Sometimes you just need to know the meaning of some attitudes of a boy who is not your boyfriend, and that could be signs of jealousy, even if you are not sure.

How do I know if he is jealous? Why is he jealous if we are nothing? Is his jealousy proof that he has a romantic interest in me? Why is he not speaking to me clearly?

These and other questions we will answer throughout the article. Keep reading and get rid of doubts.

Why is he jealous even though he’s not your boyfriend?

Men are territorial by nature. We will see later that there are two basic types of jealousy that a man can have towards a woman, protective jealousy and romantic jealousy.

But, from the outset, we will say that it is enough that a boy likes you for anything to make him jealous.

Regardless of whether or not he wants to have a romantic relationship with you, if he feels that you pay more attention to another man, consciously or unconsciously he will become jealous and, as much as he tries to hide it, some of his attitudes will give him away.

1. They try to make you jealous

The first impulse is usually to “hit you back” and try to reverse the roles so that you are the one who feels the jealousy.

They can try by openly flirting with others in front of you or by telling you anecdotes of doubtful veracity but that is intended to let you know that they have a chance with many other women.

When the physical interest is mutual, but there is no good communication, he could get jealous for anything you are not even aware of, and you could fly into a rage if you see him flirting with others, even if he is only doing it to call your attention. The result? total disaster.

Take a good look at where his apparent seductive attitude comes from before determining that he doesn’t like you. I could be trying to send you the complete opposite message.

2. They criticize the other guys

We already mentioned this attitude in a superficial way. A classic display of jealousy is the display of criticism. These can be aimed at making the other look ridiculous, questioning their masculinity, or highlighting the dangers of bringing them into your life.

Normally criticism for brotherly jealousy focuses on you being safe and no one takes advantage of you, but if the jealousy is romantic, the boy who is jealous of you in question will also try to take away merits and manhood from the other in a symbolic way.

3. Is passive-aggressive

This point has to do with what we mentioned about feeling hurt on a personal level. If a man is not romantic but brotherly jealous, he will be concerned about you, but he will not feel that you are “betraying” him in some way.

If you feel like he’s angrier with you than he’s at the situation, he’s probably jealous because he likes you.

4. Try to show off in some way

Trying to be superior almost always exclusively accompanies romantic interest jealousy and can be expressed in many ways.

You may try to make it clear that you are stronger, more skilled, smarter, or braver. Some guys try to be funnier and get your attention in a fun and assertive way, but unfortunately, the vast majority end up adopting an attitude as if they were ready for the fight.

5. Question you

Wanting to go into details is also a sign that you are a rat of loving and not fraternal territoriality. Your siblings and your friends are surely not interested at all to know what you did in the darkness of the cinema with another or what they said to each other in the privacy of a secluded table in a bar.

But the guy who likes you is interested. While every word you say makes him burn even more jealous, he can’t evade that need to know exactly what kind of competition he’s up against.

As you can see, there are clues and signs that, when you look closely, can clearly tell you if you are being trapped, and what kind of jealousy it is.