10 messages that all guys like to receive

Finding out whether or not a guy likes your particular texting dynamic isn’t easy.

For example, not everyone loves emojis, nor is an excess of exclamation points or abbreviations of trendy words particularly welcome.

Therefore, we are going to give you some general tips so that you can send the boy of your dreams just the messages that he likes to receive.

1.-Good morning messages

Most people enjoy the little signs of positivity, especially in the mornings, when we have a harder time motivating ourselves.

A good morning message can be one of these little incentives. These types of texts essentially mean that he is your first thought when you wake up, and that puts anyone in an excellent mood.

If you think about him before you even have your first coffee in the morning or brush your teeth, let him know.

Although many guys are reluctant to admit that they love these types of messages, the reality is that even if they say they are corny, they are always grateful deep down to receive them.

2.- I had a great time with you last night …

We can all agree on one thing: Receiving these types of messages greatly increases our self-esteem.

If they had a very enjoyable outing, you can send him a message of this type without fear, since you can be sure that he will take it very well.

In addition, these types of messages are a clear demonstration that you are willing to let them ask you out one more time, without having to ask directly.

3. – Memes

Memes have a unique sense of humor. Although there are some that are downright silly or vulgar, and that you should avoid at all costs, sending a witty and funny meme is a good way to flirt not so directly and get a smile from the boy you like.

In addition, sharing a meme with someone is a way of telling them that you have it constantly present in your mind and that when you saw something funny you remembered that person even more and decided to share it, so you will make it feel important.

As an additional point, if a meme reminds you of a time you spent with him or can be applied to one of his local jokes, do not hesitate to send it to him, because not only will you make him smile, but you will also strengthen the bond between you.


4.- Invitations

Whether it’s a party, a music event, or a romantic outing, guys like it when you take a little initiative.

And it’s nice to know that someone is taking the trouble to ask you out. That raises your self-esteem a lot.


5. – Completed

Telling your guy that you think he is super attractive from time to time will give him a dose of confidence and well-being that he will greatly appreciate.

In addition to making him feel a lot more secure about his relationship with you, because believe it or not, men also have various self-esteem issues.

And in turn, they like to get recognition from other people, especially from their girl.

Just try to send him messages that you feel comfortable with, and if you don’t have a very serious relationship yet, keep the compliments politically correct.


6.– Long stories

If your guy really loves you and has a genuine interest in you, he’s going to love reading your thoughtful reflections on sociology, expanding the universe, or why mayonnaise is better on top of the sandwich.

These types of messages are great for promoting a bond of mutual knowledge and they also motivate him to talk a little more about himself so that both of you get a certain degree of intimacy that has nothing to do with physical intimacy.

Now, if your relationship is rather casual and he responds to your long messages with monosyllables, he may not be the right guy.


7. – I’m going to order food, what do I ask of you?

Thanks to modern food delivery apps, you can now surprise your boy by ordering almost anything he wants, and giving him an unbeatable excuse to get to dinner with you.


8. – Viral News

There is some news that is quite bad and annoying, but others are very funny, unexpected and even mischievous.

Choose one that goes well with your boy’s personality and send it to him to brighten up his day a bit.

Either way, there are some people who are not very supportive of the chains in any of its versions, so it never hurts that on the first date you find out what their position is on using social networks to share nonsense.


9.- goodnight messages

Just like good morning messages, but to send him to bed with a nice smile.


10.- “I love you”

You know when is the right time to send this message. But we advise you to always say it first in person.