The true stages of man’s infatuation

Falling in love is experienced differently by men and women. While women are touched and quickly think that we have found our “prince charming”, men experience the process in a very different way.

In them the feelings do not appear in the first moment, since they basically function instinctively and are moved by the attraction to the opposite gender. Love and commitment come later, as they get to know your personal charms and attributes.

So that you do not wear yourself out trying to understand why you imagine a happy ending in your fairy tale, with a veil and a crown, while he acts as if feelings were a minor matter, here we will explain to you what are the stages of falling in love with a man.

Do not despair, because yours will fall at your feet at the end of the process.

1-. The physical is the first thing you see

As we told you before, men are basic and instinctive. The first stage of approaching you will always be determined by physical attraction and that arises instantly, without going through filters that imply reasoning or that involve some degree of affection.

Never expect that in the first moments he will value your big heart or your noble feelings, because it is your appearance that attracts him. This does not mean that you must have the measurements of a Barbie or look like a top model, since the ideal of beauty of each man varies.

Some prefer women with many curves, others are attracted to thin ones, others find those who have long hair attractive and others who look intellectual with their glasses and short hair.

There are also those who look at a detail and that is what captivates them; Deep gaze eyes, a strategic mole, or a captivating smile are part of the “I don’t know what” that men often talk about when they explain what attracts them to a woman.


two-. Explore or “feel” the terrain

Most of the exponents of the male genderare terrified of suffering a defeat in the field of love. To avoid the bad time that would cause them to feel rejected, they start a kind of game with the girl they are attracted to.

Between advances and retreats they explore or feel the ground that they tread, to see how firm it is. The “casual” touch of a hand; the physical approach without actually touching, but at a distance that implies trust, are part of this exploration.

If those advances meet resistance, the man can withdraw without hurting his ego. That is why exploration is such a widely used resource, as it allows them to emerge unscathed from their failed courtship.

The subtle rejection in the advancement stage allows them to start a new search and turn their attention to another that is willing to let them go to the next level.

It is good that you notice that the power at this stage is yours, when deciding whether or not you accept the signs of interest that he is giving you.

3-. It is noted at all times

As soon as you give a demonstration that you are willing to accept an approach, you will see the turn that the situation will take, since your gallant will be willing to call your attention at all costs to remove any potential competitor from the game.

For you to agree to go out with him, this man will be able to even go to the opera, even if he hates it, because he is at the stage of proving that he is the best and that you must choose him over the rest of the male gender.

You must be careful, because at this stage he will display all his charms and you can fall in love irretrievably.

Remember that with this article we intend to inform you about everything he does, so that you can develop your own tools so that you do not fall in love alone and end up being silly.


4-. Impressing you is the goal

A stage full of magic, but that does not involve masculine feelings, is this, in which he decides to impress you. It is difficult for you not to succumb to his charms when he is watching over you at all times, anticipates your wishes, brings you gifts and makes you feel special.

While you put the heart, he uses all his calculation skills to impress you and bring down all your defenses.

He tries to reaffirm his self-perception as a winner, but is still careful to get emotionally involved. Do not forget that the fear of rejection, as we discussed earlier, is one of the elements that stand out in man.

For your own emotional security, it is important that you do not show that you are about to find yourself involved in the whirlwind of love. If he feels confident, he may consider that you are no longer an interesting challenge. Captivate their attention with a touch of nonchalance, without being over the top.


5-. He will do everything to make you love him

Falling in love is a matter of great importance for a man, so before involving all his feelings in a relationship, he will do his best to make you love him first.

At this stage he will show all his potential to be a good partner, he will take on new challenges that show that he would be an ideal partner for you, not only in the short term, but also in the future.

If he notices that you have already fallen in love, he will gradually put aside his reservations and will be able to “relax” to continue his journey by your side. However, do not leave all control of the situation in their hands. Remember that they like challenges and overcoming difficulties keeps the spark burning.


6-. Your true self appears

Until now, in the whole process of courting you, he has shown to the maximum his abilities to please and make happy even the most demanding of women, that is, you.

His true tastes have been overlapped, reduced to the background, because in the plot of the conquest he dedicated himself to showing that it is what you have always dreamed of.

However, his true personality cannot be in the shadow forever and will start to show now that he knows you love him.

You must be prepared, as it will be now that you know that an opera night is not what makes him happy, but that he really enjoys watching a baseball or football game.

This is a moment that not all girls can stand, because the “prince charming” suddenly shows that he is a simple mortal, with tastes like any other and preferences much more mundane and less of fantasy.

However, a real man is the one you need to face the challenges that life presents together.

If they manage to overcome what we would call “crunch time,” the couple has a chance to move on and consolidate. If not, this is the time to make decisions without anyone getting hurt in your feelings.

7-. Admit that love has won

Once he passes “the moment of truth” and he feels accepted as he is, at last man lets down his barriers and defense system and admits that he fell into the clutches of love.

This stage can be truly fascinating, since all his protective male part will come out, not in the bad sense of the word, as the individual who imposes himself over his partner, but in his sense of being the one who assumes the task of watch over and take care of what he loves, which is you.

Now, when he brings flowers or gifts, it will not only be to impress you, but because each of these expressions is truly born as a demonstration of love for you and he is happy seeing you happy.


If you have read the article carefully, you will surely agree that it is not easy to make a man fall in love. You may have successfully overcome the obstacles that have arisen in each of the stages and that, at the last moment, he decides that they are not for each other.

And with this, direct your artillery to the achievement of another female objective. It is part of their nature.

However, do not consider that it has been wasted time, since the whole process of conquest, flirting and seduction is also a good option to add a little spice and flavor to life.

In addition, each experience will help you to get to know the opposite genderbetter and not fall so easily into their networks.

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